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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 in Review - Booking weddings for the new year

I wanted to reflect on the wonderful year I had in 2014 and give a shout out to all the couples I had the privilege and pleasure to photograph throughout the years.

So here is a selection of my favorite photographs from this very Friday Photography Blog's 2014 posts in a special Wednesday NYE entry.

Happy New Year everyone!

Kathleen and Darryl's Laguna Beach Wedding
Kathleen & Daryl's Wedding Party in Laguna Beach

Caitlin & Bradley tied the knot in Carpinteria, CA
Caitlin & Bradley in Carpinteria

Carmen & Mike in Venice Beach
Carmen & Mike in Venice Beach

Özlem & Ersin hiding behind a balloon in Santa Monica, CA
Özlem & Ersin in Santa Monica

Susana & Mitchell in Whittier, CA
Susana & Mitchell in Whittier

Van in Fountain Valley, CA
Van in Fountain Valley

Detail shots from a wedding in Burbank, CA
Detail Shots from Yesenia & Jorge's Wedding in Burbank

Ellie & Lloyd in Palos Verdes, CA
Ellie & Lloyd in Palos Verdes

Jennifer & Puya's Engagement Session in Venice Canals, CA
Jennifer & Puya in Venice Canals

Leslie & Abel in Downtown LA
Leslie & Abel in Downtown Los Angeles

Misty & Lucas'Engagement Session in the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area in Westlake Village, CA
Misty & Lucas in Circle X Ranch, Westlake Village

Kristie and Mikael's incredibly fun DIY Wedding in Torrance, CA
Kristie & Mikael in Torrance

Kristy and Göker's Kellogg House Wedding in Pomona, CA
Kristy & Göker in Pomona

Kealani & Chad's beach wedding in Malibu, CA
Kealani & Chad in Point Dume, Malibu

Susana & Jorge's Engagement Session in Downtown LA
Susana & Jorge in Los Angeeles

Friday, November 14, 2014

Myrna TV Show: Join The Revolution

This is a project I am extremely proud to be a part of!
Before I share the publicity pictures of the principal cast, here is some information about the show:

This groundbreaking television series will be the first television show centered around a transgender woman, played by award-winning transgender actress, Marlo Bernier, but it's not just about a "boy who is a girl," it's about the human connection and about how we all strive to live life as who we really are. Inspired by the real life experiences of the show's star and writer, Marlo Bernier, formally Mark Bernier (Angels in America, Cecil B DeMented), this half hour dramedy speaks with a voice yet to be heard on television. Bernier affirms, “with ‘Myrna’ we are seeking to elevate the public's understanding on the oft times misconstrued topic of transsexualism - it's time we stop depicting the sole image of transgender people in popular media as being relegated to the peripheries of society such as drug addicts and prostitutes.” Myrna shows life day to day for a transgender woman in a way few other works have dared to do.

Director, Ted Campbell asserts, “’Myrna’ will be as provocative as it is touching. It is a story about a human being with all the same ups and downs in life, all the same faults and strengths within each of us. She just happens to be transsexual.”

"’Myrna’ teaches us all,” observes Executive Producer Jennifer Fontaine, “that we have the ability, every second we are alive, to make a profound and meaningful change in the way we live our lives." Myrna marks the fourth collaboration for Marlo Bernier, Jennifer Fontaine and Ted Campbell whose previous projects, Stealth (2009), Snuff (2012), andFinding John Smith (2012) have garnered critical acclaim for their unique and relate-able narratives on complex and controversial subjects.

Now, about the shoot...

I came up with the concept and the light design.  Jen coached the actors to bring the show's character in the most accurate way.  Hair and make up was handled by the inimitable Mary-Kate Gales.  The talent in front of the lens is incomparable and I really cannot wait till you see the finished product!

Huge thanks to Blue Buddha Studios for providing us with the gorgeous space to shoot these.

And, without further ado, here is the principal cast's publicity shots.

Myrna TV Show Principal Cast Publicity Shots - Myrna
Marlo Bernier as Myrna

Myrna TV Show Principal Cast Publicity Shots - Maxine
Jennifer Fontaine as Maxine

Myrna TV Show Principal Cast Publicity Shots - Holland
Candice Cayne as Holland

Myrna TV Show Principal Cast Publicity Shots - LL Lewis
Paul McKinney as LL Lewis

Myrna TV Show Principal Cast Publicity Shots - Stefie
Julie Carmen as Stefie

Myrna TV Show Principal Cast Publicity Shots - Steven
Mark Atteberry as Steven

Myrna TV Show Principal Cast Publicity Shots - Franklin
David Mattey as Franklin

Please consider to support this project with your contributions and Join The Revolution.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Kristy & Göker's Wedding

I shared this lovely couple's Engagement Session pictures with you back in April, but here is a refresher...

Kristy and Göker tied the knot a couple of weeks ago at Kellogg House in a wonderful ceremony followed by a bi-cultural fun reception. 

Kellogg House is rich in its offerings for ideas and environments for photographers!

The reception was beautiful, emotional and everyone present witnessed how these two young individuals couldn't take their eyes from each other.

Two photographers shoot the same instant from different angles Part 1

Two photographers shoot the same instant from different angles Part 2

Following the reception, we took advantage of the locale's beautiful settings and rooms and I opted for a nostalgic approach.  When two people are in love and when you tell them "try to forget about me being here and be into each other", there is no trying...

Blissfully forgotten in the background, I was able to capture the love in the bride's eyes

I let the couple be into each other and kept my distance and shot.  I was grateful for the groom's love for his bride that made him forget about me

Before sharing a few more pictures of the lovely couple, here is the über-fun wedding party!

Kellogg House and Mr. Kellogg's room provide an inspirational environment for wedding shoots.

Mr. Kellogg's room was incredibly inspirational.  So we took advantage of it!

The first of two shots that establishes the advantage of having two photographers.

Following the ceremony, the newlyweds shared some time at the beautiful Kellogg House in Pomona

A quintessential reflection shot I usually incorporate to all my wedding shoots.

Kristy and Göker, I wish you both a prosperous and eternal togetherness in health and happiness! Thank you for giving us the privilege to document your wedding!

Kristy & Göker's wedding at Kellogg House in Pomona

Friday, October 17, 2014

Kealani & Chad's Wedding

Do you remember this gorgeous couple?


I was happy to be their photographer for the maternity session and save the date photos and I had a blog on them back in June.

Well, they were so much fun, I had to shoot their wedding too!
(Besides I had to meet the little guy!)

Kealani & Chad had a beautiful beach wedding followed by an intimate reception.  I will let a few pics from the happy do the "talking"...


Hearts melted in the bridal preparation room when I had the below setup.

The beautiful bride.

The ridiculously fun Wedding Party.


When the shoes are off, it needs to be documented!

I think those smiles speak volumes about these three.

Watching mommy and daddy's first dance from the warmth of grandma's safe arms.

I truly look forward to see Kealani and Chad again.  Have a prosperous, healthy and happy life with a growing family guys!


Friday, October 10, 2014

Downtown Los Angeles Sunset and Susana & Jorge

I shot this lovely couple's engagement session in Downtown Los Angeles last Tuesday.... Here are a few samples from the shoot.

I can't wait till my wife and I document their wedding day at the end of the month!

We started at the Walt Disney Concert Hall...  While I do take the classic, cliché photographs most photographers take in front of this lovely structure, I also try to provide my clients with alternative frames, out-of-the-box ideas.  My approach is to put them in never-written movie frames.

Walt Disney Concert Hall has a lot to offer to photographers!

An engagement session should provide classic, traditional pictures along with alternative, edgier ones

Tango Till They're Sore in the streets of Los Angeles.

Unleashing the power of love within the couple you re shooting reveals the marvelous connection of these soulmates.

There are many moodier shots from this location with this couple, but I will keep those for their eyes only.  See you in a few weeks guys!

Take the perceived obstacle and turn it into an opportunity to creative approach

I ove to rack focus in order to add my subjective storyline to any shoot I am involved with!

Engagement session by the 1st Street Bridge