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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Scenes from Los Angeles Part 4

It has been a very hectic week and there is yet another hectic week awaiting for me. This weekend will not be a relaxing one either.

Nevertheless, i have something funny for you.
This was on my route to a shoot today and it put me in a good mood, I hope it would do the same thing for you.

The Imperial Army's Stormtroopers are protecting the most important guy in Los Angeles...

And an old treat... I love this spoof of the TV show COPS. I love how it actually play into the Star Wars Episode IV. Enjoy!

See you next week!

Thursday, January 20, 2011


A very simple blog about a very complicated natural process.... Well, a miracle really!

Most of you know that Jen is pregnant and our little baby girl will be here in about 6 weeks. So as a photographer, I obviously have the need to take pictures!
Well, it was supposed to be a way more creative blog, but we did have a few more urgent things to attend to and we had to postpone the real pregnancy shoot.

Here is a teaser of what's coming. But what's coming will be in the nature!

And yes, I realize it's yet another teaser, but I share all my projects with you, don't I now?

See you next week!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Work In Progress

I have a big project in mind that involves several shoots. The project revolves around female empowerment in the way I see it. There are basically 3 parts to it. The entire shoot and "storyline" of one of them is already completed and it stars my wife Jennifer Fontaine and I had the opportunity to show it to a few people a few years ago and the response was very positive. I just have to digitize that.

On Monday January 10th, I started working on the second part of this project. This time, my model was Jessica Mion. She is a very talented model and her expressions are what I am after. The first leg of the second part of this project, her talent is purposefully muted. That was the direction I gave her in anticipation of the second leg's shoot.

Although I realize this is a big tease for those of you who care, I just wanted to share a few pictures from last Monday's shoot. I am hoping the second part will be ready by this spring and I really want to share at least the first part by the time I am a father :o)

Here are the pictures...

See you next week!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Driving around Sunset

I woke up early this morning as I had a lot to do. It was a full day and I was looking forward to get back home and relax. On my way back home, I saw the clouds and I realized the sunset was going to paint a beautiful sky.

So I put the relaxing thoughts back where they came from and rushed home, grabbed my camera and hit the road.

I was racing against time, and I took a turn to Dixie Canyon, at the end of which I knew there was a trail to hike on top of a hill.

Unfortunately the recent heavy rains have deteriorated the paths and there was no way to get to the top of the hill.

I ran back to my car, sped thru the windy roads to get to an opening where I could see the western sky.

Well, the below picture was the best view I could catch. Although I found a spot on Mulholland Drive, west of Coldwater Canyon after I shot this, the sun was too low already and the sky was not as impressive as this.

I incorporated the design of my sites to match and to be uniform. I still have a few tweaks to add, but I would love to know what you think of the new design. Also, by navigating the top menu, you can see much more pictures!

Have a fantastic weekend!