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Friday, January 30, 2015

Brooklyn, Brooklyn, Take Me In....

One of the items in my wife Jennifer's bucket list is Italy. Mainly Tuscany and Cinque Terre.

We had the opportunity to check that off of her list last year.  It turned out to be a trip very different than what we first intended to have, but I truly wouldn't have it otherwise. It was such a lovely time with the family, it was such a connection with my two girls that it immediately, from the start, became the best vacation/trip I had.

Jen and I have the same kind of attitude when we are travelling.  We prefer to "live like the locals" instead of seeing sites, visiting monuments or being tourists.

So we planned the trip accordingly.

Now, before we get to the Italy part...I've been in US since November 1995 and I have never been in New York... Can you believe it? I sure can't! I won't even pretend this trip did justice to New York, but we made a point to spend a couple of nights there.

I usually leave the planning of trips to others, or to chance.  There has been some exceptions.  For instance, I planned and organized an amazing trip for Jennifer's first European/Turkish vacation back in the beginning of the millennium.  I also organized a ridiculous surprise party for Jen in honor of our 10 year wedding anniversary with the tremendous help of my brother.

But in general, I'd like to be lazy when I travel.  We knew we were going to stay in New York.  So, I went on many different sites on the Internet.  I ended up booking a place via airbnb.  In case you are looking for a place to stay in Brooklyn, stay here!

Read the reviews... Read my review... There is not a single exaggeration.  Amazing location.  Walking distance to everywhere in Brooklyn and absolutely lovely hosts!  Great room, great value.

We had so much fun (following our hosts' recommendations) during our short stay.  And despite the cold weather and snow (or maybe because of it), I fell in love with Brooklyn.

Prospect Park had tons to offer for us.  Our daughter ran around, chased the ducks, made friends...

...put on some skates and learned to stand up and skate on ice for the first time.

We discovered new restaurants, including a Turkish one, which we shared with our hosts.  Istanbul Park restaurant on 7th street is absolutely wonderful.  A nice selection of Turkish wine, along with delicious specialties, it was a nice surprise for us.

Overall, it was just a time we chilled together as a family and enjoyed the nature, dining and each other during these 2 wonderful days.
Vivienne was playing some kind of a game... She was making some gestures with her hands and "cutting the air".  What am I gonna do? I just joined her...

Then we had to decide who won....

Well, she did.  So I got to walk with her... She enjoys walking on my shoes so much, it easily became one of my favorite times with her as well.

I will talk about Italy in one or more of my next blog entries... For the time being though, I just wanted to share Brooklyn, New York as our lens saw it.  Yes, it is very advantageous to have two professional photographers in the family!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Misty & Lucas' Wedding

Some of you were expecting a blog about our trip from last November, I know.  That will start the series of blogs about that trip, but it will have to wait a bit.

My wife Jennifer shot this wedding (and their engagement session, which you can revisit here).

I let her photographs tell this beautiful couple's story.  I am proud of my wife for her amazing achievements.  Check out her blog Mommy Hiker and her brand new Outdoor Families Magazine after you enjoy her lovely photographs.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Jennifer & Puya's Wedding

You might remember Jenny & Puya from a blog entry I posted a few months ago on their Engagement Session.

In the beginning of Autumn, they tied the knot at the Portofino Hotel & Marina.  I absolutely love this little boutique hotel and all the special little areas that has to offer including its gorgeous lobby.

They got ready in separate rooms and traveled to the marina for the first look pictures.

We took a few portraits here and there!

Gorgeous bride posing in front of the large windows of the Portofino Hotel's elegat lobby

And a couple of detail shots...

Let's finish with this lovely seating chart.  Yes, it is a map of the world.  And it shows where all the guests in this international traveler couple's wedding came from.

Jenny & Puya: I wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous life together!

Friday, January 9, 2015

Alyse & Jeffrey's Engagement

Towards the end of summer of 2012, I was contacted by a couple who lives in New York.  They wanted to me to shoot their engagement session and document their wedding.  Shira & Andy were originally from LA so they got married here.  I met their family, took care of paperwork and I had an amazing time shooting them in the rain for their engagement session.
Their wedding was even more fun!  Incredibly nice family and pleasant people all around, we had a terrific time.

During that wedding, Andy's brother caught the garter and his girlfriend caught the bouquet.

He caught the garter of his sister in law, she caught the bouquet.  They were already dating. What happened next?

I included their picture in the blog entry for Shira & Andy's wedding and wrote "I would love to see you guys soon too!"

Well, I just saw them a couple of months ago.  We were blessed with a lovely weather even for Southern California's ridiculously high standards and went to the same neighborhood where we shot Shira & Andy's engagement photos.  Alyse and Jeffrey's choices were a bit different than the other couple, which shows the incredible array of locations Palos Verdes has to offer to photographers and couples alike.

Many stories could be written by looking at the below photograph and Jeffrey's dreamy glaze towards his bride-to-be.  Only one would be true.

Who needs professional models when you have these two?

Jeffrey asked Alyse's hand in marriage, which she gladly approved and he put a ring on it.

A modern take on the ring shot

La Dolce Vita... May your life be as sweet as your characters!

Sharing some snack or a light meal at the beach with some wine.

That sweet moment before the kiss at sunset

Both Alyse and Jeffrey were as much fun as Jeffrey's brother Andy and his wife.  I just cannot wait until August when I will have the privilege to spend another day with these lovely people!