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Friday, March 25, 2016

Stella & Kevin's Wedding

We had the pleasure to shoot Stella and Kevin's wedding at Westlake Village Inn a few months ago. Stella's attention to detail without becoming obsessive and Kevin's relaxed demeanor along with both of their lovely personalities made this one an incredibly fun day for both Jen and I!

Here are a few photos from this beautiful wedding.

Wedding Gown and Shoes at The Westlake Village Inn

Stella is getting ready for the first look at The Westlake Village Inn

Star-studded Louboutin's draped in stunning lace worn by none other than our gorgeous bride

Stella and Kevin's Wedding Invitations on the lovely tiles of Westlake Village Inn

The wedding "hardware" at Westlake Village Inn

This stately leather library chair was the perfect tableau for this gorgeous bride's bouquet

The rings and the beautiful wedding invitation at Westlake Village Inn

It is not always about posed photographs.  Sometimes candids are preferred.

Before they welcome their guests for the reception, the couple shares an intimate moment.

The lovely wedding cake from an alternative angle.

The smile on the bride's face tells it all

The couple at their sweetheart table at The Westlake Village Inn

The bride and the groom on the balcony of The Westlake Village Inn

Friday, February 26, 2016

Alyse & Jeff and our old friends.

It all started in the Summer of 2012... I was contacted by the mothers of Shira and Andy and they book me for their children's wedding day.  While the couple were living in New York back then, their lovely mothers were planning for the big day.

Than, Shira and Andy had this very short window during their California visit on a weekend in November (literally only a couple of hours) and they called me and booked me for an engagement session.  To this date, that is the only engagement session I shot under heavy rain.

Their wedding was just amazing.  I had so much fun documenting that wonderful day.  Andy's brother Jeff caught the garter and his girlfriend Alyse caught the bouquet.  I even made a note about my hope to have the privilege of shooting their wedding!

You can imagine how happy and honored I was when I got the call from Alyse and Jeff to book me for both their engagement session and their wedding day! We did the engagement session in Palos Verdes as well. Andy and Jeff grew up there.

Well, last summer, in the beautiful settings of Pine Rose Cabins of Arrowhead, CA, my wife Jennifer and I were delighted to reunite with this fantastic family to celebrate the union of Alyse and Jeff.

Let's start with the details.

The beautiful Pine Rose Cabins provide the perfect backdrop for the detail photographs of this wedding

An extreme close up of the wedding rings

A rustic setting deserves a rustic bouquet!

The wedding rings with the engagement ring at the Pine Rose Cabins

A few shots of the gorgeous couple following the First Look.  This little pond and the rustic swing were a favorite of mine for sure. 

The gorgeous couple and their reflection on the little pond at The Pine Rose Cabins
The Love's Reflection

The groom and the bride under her veil at The Pine Rose Cabins
Lost In Eachother's Arms Under the Veil

The groom and his groomsmen.

The groom poses for the camera while his groomsmen are hanging out at the beautiful Pine Rose Cabins

The groom and his groomsmen assuming the tough guy role at the Pine Rose Cabins
Tough Guys

 The beautiful bride on that swing I cannot get enough of...
Pine Rose Cabins' Rustic Swing is the perfect place to have the bride pose for her formal portraits
The Beautiful Bride on the Rustic Swing

The bride and her bridesmaids...

The bride under the lovely pine trees of the Pine Rose Cabins
Ladies in Lavender

Yes, we did the first look way before the ceremony, but looking at Jeff's face during the ceremony and not feeling the love and the happiness is impossible!

May the sun shine on you forever Alyse and Jeff!
The gorgeous venue, the setting sun and the beautiful couple during the ceremony at Pine Rose Cabins

The lovely result of my wife Jennifer's favorite approaches to shoot candids during the formal portrait sessions.

Say hello to the reception details and the cake! :D

And the fun begins!

Before The Hora started, I left Jennifer down at the dance floor to capture the candid close-ups and I went upstairs to the second floor deck to photograph the action from above.  I told the couple to look up at some point if they could remember.  And they did!  Jeff told Alyse and they gave me a look for this lovely moment to be captured!

The couple remembered to look up for a little posed photo during the horaHo
Let's finish with a few photos of the couple at their sweetheart table. cutting the cake and the first dance. Alyse and Jeff, I look forward to see you again soon!

The couple is cutting the cake at Pine Rose Cabins

It is a tremendous honor and privilege to be a part of this family's most precious moments.  I consider myself lucky and I am grateful for them to bring me back and trust the documentation of these important dates to me and my wife.

Thank you Alyse and Jeff and Andy and Shira... While I certainly look forward to see you and your growing families again soon, I wish you all a very happy, very healthy and very prosperous life!

Friday, February 12, 2016

Maribel & Andrew

I met Maribel & Andrew at a bridal show at The Villa Del Sol D'Oro. After a quick meeting, we hit it off from the start and the next thing I know, Jen and I were covering their preparations in two different houses, not too far from each other.

Wedding gown, the shoes, the bouquet and the boutonniere

The girls are getting ready for the wedding!

Thank Heaven for 7-Eleven read the tote bags for the guests... The date of the wedding.

Following a lovely ceremony at the Nativity Church at El Monte CA, we headed to one of my favorite venues to shoot.  As I have mentioned on a previous blog post, The Villa is one-quarter replica of the Villa Collazzi located on the outskirts of Florence, Italy. It is rumored that this was the only villa ever designed by non-other than Michalengelo.

Hand in hand together, forever

The vintage Rolls Royce Andrew rented for the day to surprise Maribel couldn't match the venue more!

The Bride and the groom in front of the Villa Del Sol D'Oro with the vintage Rolls Royce

Here is a lovely shot by Jen.  While I was posing Maribel for some single portraits, Jennifer was shooting around me to get some candid details.

While I was posing the bride, my wife was taking candid details.

Bringing the black & white back... Or it has never gone away!

A few artistic black & white shots of the bride and the groom.

The fun and good looking people of the wedding party.

The entire wedding party in the Villa Del Sol D'Oro

I absolutely love this simple yet adorable cake!

The wedding cake's location at the Villa Del Sol D'Oro makes it easy to use different approaches to lighting

The couple in love had many moments throughout the day where they were lost in each other's arms, oblivious to what may be going on around them.

The first dance of the couple and more.

A lovely family indeed!

It was a tremendous pleasure to work with this lovely family!

Here is another candid shot, this time from my camera while Jennifer was posing the couple.
Maribel and Andrew, may you live happily ever after and prosper together!

A lovely candid shot of the married couple.