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Friday, March 26, 2010

Inanimate Objects from a Movie Set

There is so much to shoot on a movie set.  There is really no "down time" for a photographer who is eager to work.  None of the following pictures were "set up" by me.  I saw them as I was passing near them.  All I did was to change my angle and click.

That's a great tip by the way... Change your angle.  For instance, stop taking pictures standing up.  It's that simple.  Let me know how it makes a difference.

Friday, March 19, 2010


A while back I did a photo shoot for a men's clothing line catalog.  I had a blast with the models and the crew at The Peninsula in Beverly Hills.
A few selected pictures from that day...

Friday, March 12, 2010

Scenes from Los Angeles

Here are a few random shots I took driving around Los Angeles...
As I was driving on Lake Hollywood drive on a smoggy afternoon, the Hollywood Reservoi smiled at me. I really love that drive that takes you around the reservoir, passing underneath the hollywood Sign, you reach Beachwood Dr. When i have some free time coming back from a shoot, i usually take this long road. Not only there is no traffic, but it helps releasing the stress as well.
The following two pictures are not particularly quality photographs, but the first one made me laugh out loud.
And I had a double-take on the second one... There was no constructions or anything around. These two tubs were just on the grass by the curb... I would love to see what your subtitle would be for this picture... You can leave it in the comments section if you feel like it :D
Do you remember last week's cold windy days and phenomenal sunsets? I was coming back from work and I couldn't help but stop and take these pictures...

See you next week!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Costa Rica Chapter 4 - Puerto Viejo: Wild Life & Wrap Up

Animals, and tons of it! We stayed at the Namuwoki Lodge in Puerto Viejo, a little town by the border of Panama, in the south-east of Costa Rica, on the Caribbean coast. The hotel was incredibly charming, and the landscape was arranged in such a way that one was feeling to be in the jungle... It wasn't far from reality! We saw tons of animals in our very hotel, while having breakfast or while chilling at our deck. Joe spotted this crazy wild instant between these two reptiles, and under incredibly low light conditions with my tele lens, I was able to capture it.
These orange-headed guys were everywhere.
I was all over this gorgeous thing who was (ehm) coupling. She came to check out the pool, tested it and didn't particularly like the chlorine.

Another extreme close-up in very low light situation... He is tiny!
Jennifer enjoying the bed. There has been couple of nights when we woke up with the passing howling monkeys. It was AMAZING to wake up hearing them in the middle of the night.
This poor grasshopper's leg was injured and couldn't really hop!
Puerto Viejo's beaches and laid-back life was magical and we had the pleasure to meet this adorable puppy. His owner, Mario, was a very nice guy and we bought some souvenirs from him.
Joe and Mario connected well and Mario tought him how to cut a coconut. After that, it was coconut juice and rum all day!  Our sexy model is showing us how to shake them well.
The hotel's dogs chose our bungalow's deck to hang out at night. We would wake up and they would be out there waiting for us! Here, following an absolutely delicious dinner, Joe and jen are mingling and enjoyuing the night.
The sloths were all around us at the hotel. They are so cute and fun to watch, although they move veeeeeerrryyyyyy veeeeerrrrryyyyy sllllooooooooowwwlllyyyyyyyy.
Red on black, you're alright Jack. Red on yellow and you're a dead fellow. Also in our lovely hotel!
On a rainy morning, Jennifer and I rode our bikes to the Cocles Beach, which is famous for its surf. I had a lot of fun shooting this guy.

Following the shoot, we came back to the hotel, and chilled the entire afternoon, drinking Bloody Marys, listening to the rain, while a faint soundtrack of jazz classics set the mood even deeper. (the picture of me in the hammock was taken by Jennifer).

No, Jennifer did not kill it. I saw this beetle on the road to Cocles Beach. Another face of road-kill.
And more critters, birds, flowers and creatures!

The last picture of the Costa Rica adventure is the view I had laying down at the beach... Thank you for following and please feel free to leave your comments on this page (or via FaceBook or Twitter).