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Friday, August 29, 2014

Ellie & Lloyd's Wedding

Ellie & Lloyd tied the knot at La Venta Inn in the beautiful Palos Verdes.  The light rain during the ceremony was predicting a gorgeous sunset.

Ellie is ready for the ceremony while her bridesmaids are admiring her in this shot through the mirror.

Lloyd is taking care of the last second checks before the ceremony at La Venta Inn.

I love to shoot at this venue.  It is an intimate place with a gorgeous view and the old building adds a lot of character.  The much welcome difference of this particular day, was the weather.  Cloudy and even a few drops of rain during the ceremony, it created a more dramatic atmosphere.

The brides shoes on the grass with La Venta Inn's tower in the background in Palos Verdes

The rings and the wedding gown and the shoes at the beautiful bridal room at La Venta Inn, Palos Verdes.

I sneaked the couple out while the reception was in process and shot tons of portraits during that beautiful sunset within a few minutes.  Here are some of those portraits.
The sunset shots at La Venta Inn, Palos Verdes

I didn't have to work hard to make Ellie and Lloyd forget that I was there.

The sunset that followed the light rain was absolutely gorgeous.

The couple snuggles while watching the sunset.

I wish Ellie and Lloyd a happy and prosperous life together.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Jennifer & Puya's Engagement Session

One of my favorite places to shoot engagement sessions is the Venice Canals.  I know that it is a ridiculously popular place among professional photographers to shoot couples as I always bump into one or few photographers with their clients.

And there is nothing wrong with sharing the wealth my people!

Venice Canals is one of the most romantic spots to shoot an Engagement Session in Los Angeles

There are endless possibilities of reflection shots, racked focus shots and much more.  This place fuels my creativity.  And of course, this gorgeous couple was game for new ideas as well!

Reflection shots and racked focus of an engaged couple at the Venice Canals

The other thing I love about Venice Canals, the beach and the Venice Pier are only a few minutes of leisurely stroll away.

Lovely couple in an Engagement Session at the Venice Beach

I look forward to spend a lovely day in September with this beautiful couple to document their wedding.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Leslie & Abel in Downtown Los Angeles

A few weeks ago, I had a blast with Leslie and Abel, shooting their Engagement Session.  They wanted to do this in a location that would contradict with what they were going to wear.  So we had a nice consultation and I sent them a few samples of the locations I had in mind.

They decided on the downtown locations and we headed there on a Sunday evening.

First, I took them to an alley that I really love.  Downtown Los Angeles is surprising in very pleasant ways when it comes to photography.
Engagement Session in the Historic St. Vincent Court in Los Angeles Downtown

Engagement Session in the Historic St. Vincent Court in Los Angeles Downtown

Engagement Session in the Historic St. Vincent Court in Los Angeles Downtown

Engagement Session in the Historic St. Vincent Court in Los Angeles Downtown

Than we went to another favorite location of mine, which is only a few minutes away.  I shot another engagement session here, that was very different than this one.

Engagement Session under the 1st Street Bridge in Downtown Los Angeles

Once the sun was down, I was itching for some more unconventional shots and the couple was game, so we went for it.  

I look forward to spend and document this couple's happy day in November!