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Friday, April 29, 2011

Sarah & Adam

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure to photograph the wedding of Sarah and Adam in Newport Beach, CA and what a fun day that was!
The couple had 2 rooms in a seaside hotel and I started to go back and forth between the bride's room and the room where the groom and his men were getting ready. Both of them were very excited and the preparations were intense in the Bride's room.

Sarah came up with the idea of this nice touch of "Dorothy" as her groom is from Kansas!

Ladies and gentlemen, what you see in Sarah's mother's face and her eyes is pure love! It was such a great privilege to be the fly on the wall to witness and to document this.

Than I took the guys for a little walk and we shot a few pictures on the street next to the hotel. Adam was clearly ready for the ceremony...

So was Sarah...

The girls had a nice Limo ride from the hotel to the reception area.

After the reception, the married couple were, of course, my main focus.

Than we had some fun with the entire wedding party.

I wish both of them a very happy and healthy togetherness!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Pamela's Exclusive Skin Spa

Recently I had the opportunity to work with a lovely woman who has one of the best skin care spas in town thanks to the company of a good friend of mine...
Pamela is the owner of Pamela's Exclusive Skin Spa and with 20 years of experience in the field as a skincare specialist and educator, her own amazing product line; she is well sought after in this town where looking your best can make or break your career.

Obviously, the facial is not about the look alone... In fact, the way your skin would feel afterwards, the relaxation process, the massages during the facial are all more important reasons to get one than the look!

The moment you walk into Pamela's intimate shop on Sunset Boulevard, it takes you in and provides a comforting feeling of a shelter from the busy street that is immediately out the door.

Pamela carries and provides her exclusive skincare product line that is specially formulated using high quality ingredients and she uses her products, among other carefully selected high-quality products during her skincare sessions.

Pamela's high quality skincare is available with appointment only and you can call the store at (323) 650-3567. I grabbed a gorgeous (i really is gorgeous!!!) gift certificate for my wife along with some sample products.

Go get pampered or pamper your significant other!

Friday, April 8, 2011

2 Lovely Couples

Last weekend, I had the pleasure to join a couple of photography sessions with several photographers. The sessions were part of the activities we started having with the amazing SmugMug Pro Los Angeles group.

On Saturday, we had a a lot of fun with a wildly entertaining couple for their engagement session in the Union Station in Downtown Los Angeles. Here are my favorites from Nikki and Matt's shoot on Saturday.

And the following day, we headed to Chatsworth and shot Erin and Michael in the Stony Point Park. Here are 10 of my favorite photos from that day in this week's photo happy Friday Photography Blog!

Have a fantastic weekend and I'll see you next Friday!

Friday, April 1, 2011


Hello my lovelies!

After two very busy weeks, I am back with a few pictures from the event I shot last week at the Pacific Design Center for the opening of Studio Baccarat.
It was a huge privilege to be mingling with the top designers of Los Angeles and here are a few pictures from the event that are also showcasing the gorgeous and limited pieces that were on display.

Have a great weekend!