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Friday, July 10, 2015

Nicole & Jeff's "Italian" Wedding

Well, as you may be able to tell from the quotation marks, I am using Italian very loosely...

Nicole and Jeff got married at the Villa Del Sol D'Oro in Sierra Madre.  This lovely venue is one-quarter replica of the Villa Collazzi located on the outskirts of Florence, Italy.  It is rumored that this was the only villa ever designed by non-other than Michalengelo.

Hence, Nicole and Jeff's "Italian" wedding.  I shot Nicole and Jeff's engagement photographs and Nicole's family portraits prior to the wedding.  So, this wedding day was incredibly special to me. I was among people that I have already met and worked with, but not only that, we had a fantastic relation and I really love this family!

The venue is absolutely gorgeous!  This blog entry is very timely as I am shooting another wedding at this gorgeous locale tomorrow.

Let's check in with the boys first... In several different locations of the villa... At the front garden, in the library and on the western porch.

Jeff smiles as his groomsmen are chatting behind by the fountain.

I could spend an entire day and an entire night shooting in this library. Beautifully decorated with an abundance of available light coming from three sides.

The groom is ready and awaiting the ceremony

Let's do some details...  The gown in the bridal room, the bouquet and the rings on the balcony of the bridal room.

The wedding dress in the bridal room at the Villa. That color of the wall!

The simply elegant bouquet on the balcony's chair.

The rings and some of the jewelry on the balcony of the Villa.

One can feel all the love in this room by looking at this photograph...

The bride is ready and her family knows it!

Let's check-in with the girls... In the library and on the western porch.

The bride in all her glamour and beauty took her place on the couch in the Villa's library.

Beautiful bride and her beautiful bridesmaids in the beautiful library of the Villa

Here is the portrait of one of my favorite families I've ever worked with!

The bride and her family at the library of the Villa, before the ceremony.

This gorgeous garden is one of the most wonderful locations for a wedding ceremony

The bride and the groom, symbolically connecting their lives into one by lighting the Unity Candle

Stunning beauty with piercing eyes shattering the lens while her newlywed husband can't take his eyes off of her.

First dance....

The bride and the groom dance as husband and wife for the first time during the ceremony at the Villa.

A few portraits of the couple...

Bride and groom posing for me at the main balcony of the villa.

And the fun times at the Villa before the send-off... I wish both of them a happy and healthy life together!

Friday, July 3, 2015

Vanna & John Got Married!

Vanna and John tied the knot at the Glen Ivy Hot Springs in Corona, California.  The intimate ceremony was followed by a lovely reception.

I loved the color scheme Vanna has chosen.

I loved the groom's taste when it comes to accessories.  We did have a nice conversation about our appreciation of watches.

The flower girl needed a little help from mommy...

I absolutely adore this little girl who was incredibly sassy yet playful.

And the cake... My goodness, the cake... I cannot get enough of the figurines on top of it.

Ready to party? These two definitely are!

"Peaceful Love."