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Friday, September 26, 2014

Misty & Lucas' Engagement Session

Kerem Hanci Photography's own Jennifer Fontaine took Misty and Lucas to one of her favorite hiking trails north of Malibu, by the Ventura County line on PCH.

KHP getting creative with the engagement ring in Circle X Ranch.

Misty & Lucas are immersed in each other

Misty and Lucas don't mind the photographer

What is he telling her?

The trail is part of the beautiful Santa Monica Mountains and it is called Circle X Ranch.  While the full hike would take you to a grotto under a small waterfall, for understandable reasons, they stuck to the start of the trail.

Both Misty and Lucas were game for this shoot that could be considered demanding by some and they cherished the opportunity to be together out in the nature.

 Jennifer than took them back down to get more location variety by the beach.


Jennifer will be shooting this lovely couple's wedding in the beginning of November.  As the KHP Family, we look forward to spend their Big Day with them.

Friday, September 19, 2014

The Mother of All DIY Weddings

I met Kristie a few months ago when she came by my studio.  After she booked me, I knew I was in for a treat as she is a very creative person, but I had no idea how fun her wedding was going to be.

This was the perfect example of a Do-It-Yourself wedding, and while I am sure it was a lot of work, this talented bunch of people made it look like it was a breeze to make this happen.

The weddding theme was a carnival and there were games with prizes...  This monkey was one of those prizes.... I watched him chill on the grass by its winner's chair, get drunk with its winner's drinks while he was dancing and pass out pissed-drunk at the end of the night.  These people and their monkey gifts definitely knew how to party!

When it comes to sweets, my life is a roller coaster.  Sometimes I enjoy'em, but most of the times I couldn't care less about them.  While my preference tends to lean towards a flan, a cheesecake or a chocolate fudge cake, this roller coaster and Ferris wheel  of cupcakes definitely awaken some cravings.

Before I introduce you to Kristie and Mikael, here is the wedding party....

Now that you met the entire wedding party, it is time for you to fall in love with the couple as both my wife and I did...

The silliness... The authentic everything... The humble approach.... The loveliness.... I adore these two!

That kissing booth was made by a couple of friends.  Everything was made by this couple and/or their friends and family.

While I was on location, I saw this really tall ladder (more on that later).  And I mentioned the idea of a group picture to this lovely bunch and they were thankfully all game!

Sometimes it's all about being at the right place at the right time AND being READY!  Right before the uni-sex bouquet toss, one of the groomsmen jumped the gun.

Here is that ladder shot.  I truly had some serious fun on top of that ladder.  The regulars of this blog know how I always mention to change your angle... Well, I changed my angle and my assistant and my wife caught me in action.

Speaking of my wife... Kerem Hanci Photography team is ALWAYS in action.  We cover your events from different angles and we make sure you get your story from very different points of view.  Here is one of those rare cases we did not mind being in the frame.  As Mikael serenades Kristie with his fancy air guitar, my wife Jen captured the general action and I walked in for the detail shot.

Let's finish on a ridiculously high note for all involved.  My wife prepared and composed this shot, in which I only assisted her.  I must also say that both Jen and I were incredibly honored to be the photographers to document Kristie and Mikael's wedding. May you prosper in love, health and abundance!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Nature Always Wins

I have a few pictures from my driveway this week...

I watched this little guy grow slowly.

And, it may grow bigger, but at some point it will be cut or destroyed by the cars passing on it.

I just wanted to share this, so whenever we think we are destroying the nature, we should snap out of it and realize how self-centered we are.  Nature will find a way... Nature will adapt.

Whenever we think we are destroying the nature, we should come to the realization that we are in fact destroying ourselves.