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Saturday, September 29, 2012


I was planning on doing a blog on my latest trip to Turkey, but first Endeavor's Last Flight happened and for historical reasons it took priority... Than, I realized the information I wanted to share with you about Vivienne's first International trip was a lot to write and I couldn't make enough time for it this week... So, I decided to share these pictures I took two days ago while having tea on our balcony with my wife and my daughter....

We noticed a hummingbird chasing flies and playing in the air... I was enjoying the moment and I decided not to run and grab my camera... But then, the hummingbird insisted on sticking around. By the time I got my camera, it decided to chill on the branches of the tree in between our building and another building right across from us...
Then we caught it enjoying the food from our neighbor's bird feeder (ours was empty since we got back from our trip).
After that, it chilled a little more on a different branch of the same tree...
Then came the killer shot when it decided to go back playing in the air...
See you next week, when I will share pictures from Vivienne's first International trip.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Endeavor's Last Flight

Friday Photography Blog is back after a month long vacation... I have tons of stuff to share with you. A trip to the south of Turkey, many weddings... However, first I would like to share with you a few pictures I took today. As you may know, today was a historical day for NASA's space program. Endeavor retired and will take its deserved retiring spot at the California Science Center in Los Angeles within a few weeks.

It took its last flight today to arrive to its final destination and it was a historical event. Many Angelenos took off from work, skipped school, waited many many hours (some showed up with their tents around midnight last night around the airport) in order to catch a glimpse of it. I had some work to do and I was lucky enough to be able to take a breather on Mulholland Drive by the Universal City and I made sure my long lens was mounted on my camera and my gear was ready.

Although, technically, it was just bunch of people looking to a low-flying 747 carrying another aircraft that used to orbit the Earth; it was, nevertheless, an emotional moment for the people who gathered all around Los Angeles to see it. There were cheers and applause where I was at, and I gotta tell you... It was an AWESOME sight. I know the word "awesome" is overused, but this was truly, awesome to witness. The 747 soared a top of the Santa Monica mountains, flew over to the Hollywood Sign, made a turn, flew over the Universal City and Universal Studios and turned to East again to go toward Downtown Los Angeles.

Once it's in display at the Science Center, you can bet on it that I will be there to see it...

Here are the few pics I got today. See you next week!