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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Scenes From Los Angeles Part 9

When I first moved to Los Angeles, a pair of shoes thrown on a power line or a phone cable became a part of my regular scenery and I never understood why peeps were throwing them out there...
Many years later, Google gave me many reasons why this could be happening... While possible and potentially true, neither of those reasons made sense to me.
Shoes over the power lines...

In case you were wondering, "Fresh Tastes Better" and that is precisely why you should not eat at KFC!

KFC Poster reads "Fresh Tastes Better", which is precisely why one should never eat at KFC.

I always say this... When you feel down, lift your head up.  Most of the times, it would brighten your day.

Change your perspective

Let's finish this week's blog with this lovely photograph... During a wedding I shot last year, a guest was having fun with the bubbles and I had the urge to follow this one and get a picture of it...

Look into the bubble, what do you see?

I look forward to share more photographs with you next Friday! Until then, make it a wonderful week!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Vivienne Plants A Tree!

Last Sunday morning, we woke up early and drove up to Calabasas and met with a lovely group of people from all ages in order to plant some trees and plants.

Our Sunday morning with Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy and Tree People
Jen and Meg,the inseparable moms of the inseparable friends Vivienne and David had once again organized an amazing outing. Here is Megan watching her son getting down and dirty on the pile of mulch that will come in handy.

Megan watching her son David enjoy the little hill of mulch
If you are a mom (or dad) and are interested in hiking, outdoor activities etc. I am sure you have your resources, but consider following my wife's blog Mommy Hiker as she shares her adventures with our daughter and you might even want to get involved with their activities.

Vivienne helping her mom fill the bucket with mulch.

Vivienne helping her mom

Vivienne and the bucket of Mulch
I am proud of my blind aim.

Jen watching Vivienne watching her dad taking a picture
Brian of The Tree People and Cody of The Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy made the morning incredibly fun and informative. It was such a blast that we decided to do ths on regular basis. It is an absolutely wonderful way to spend your Sunday morning. It's good for Mother Earth, it's good for you and it's fun for the kids! And on top ofit all, you meet really cool people!

Brian of The Tree People and Cody of The Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy made the morning incredibly fun and informative.
A couple of photographs from my beautiful wife's creative lens.

One of Jennifer's on-going contribution to Kerem Hanci Photography
Vivienne playing in the dirt while her father is digging the hole for the tree.

Vivienne playing in the dirt while her father is digging the hole for the tree
Vivienne is one of mommy's best helper!

Vivi and Mommy in Action
Another lovely blind-aim sample.

Planting a tree is serious business!
Happy family!

Vivienne giving a big smile to her proud mom and dad
It was an amazing time I spent with my two valentines! Looking forward to many more outings!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Molly and Greg's Fun Fun Fun Wedding!

The first wedding I photographed in 2013 was Molly and Greg's.  This wonderful young couple's endless energy made the entire evening incredibly fun.  There were many little details that made this night so special for this photographer!
Molly and Greg getting ready for the first look in The Hills Hotel, Laguna Hills, CA.

Molly and Greg's rings
Greg had a lovely gift for his groomsmen... A set of stainless steel flask (with an indispensable tiny funnel) with their names engraved on and a stainless steel cigar holder (with a cigar for each of his boys in them).
Stainless Steel Flasks and Cigar Holders for the Boys
I've ben shooting weddings for a while now, and I have heard of this... But it was the first time I witnessed "the wine box"... The idea is this: the couple would put a bottle of wine in a wooden box (in this case, a gorgeous hand-made one by the bride's father) along with the letters to each other, explaining why they love one another and why they got married in the first place. They would seal the box during the ceremony. (So instead of the classic unity candles or sand, they literally hammered down the nails).

The romantic option would be to wait until the marriage hits rough waters. Then they would break the seal, open the box, read the letters and drink the wine together. The hope would be to never have to open the box...

Or only open it during a zombie apocalypse where there would be an unbearable wine shortage...

However Molly and Greg wrote the letters to be open and read from a year from their wedding day.
The wine box... to be opened in one year time from the wedding date.
Following the first look, we did have some time for formal portraits before the ceremony.
First look at The Hills Hotel in Laguna Hills, CA

Formal Portraits in Laguna Hills, CA

Formal Portraits in Laguna Hills, CA

Formal Portraits in Laguna Hills, CA
The ceremony was short and sweet.

During the first hour of the reception, I was in for a lovely treat as one of the groomsmen was the guitar player and singer of a Beatles' cover band called Marshmallow Pie!
Marshmallow Pie, a Beatles cover band rockin' the reception opening
The groom joined the band for one song where he showed off his skills on the 5-string bass.
The groom joining Marshmallow Pie, a Beatles cover band for one song
Those who follow this blog regularly know about my obsession with photographing wedding cakes.... Well, I was in for yet another treat! The cake was gorgeous and the figurines on it were of Katniss and Gale from The Hunger Games!
Katniss and Gale take a walk on Molly and Greg's Wedding Cake
Probably my favorite shot of the evening is this one...
The kiss following the cake cutting...
The only formality left before the party got wild was the toss...
Molly tosses the bouquet!
And then the real party started.
First let's do some shots!


Find the photographer!
Well, once we decide on the date and location, I will see Molly and Greg again soon...

I just can't wait to shoot and share that trash the dress session!

Don't drink that wine my lovelies... Keep it sealed for the eternity of your love!