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Friday, August 17, 2012

Rita & Christian's Wedding

Meet Rita and Christian.
They got married in a beautiful, intimate ceremony in front of their friends and family...
But, just for a second, let's get back to that wicked ride! :D
For more pictures of that Lamborghini and the beautiful couple, you can visit the Kerem Hanci Photography Facebook Page.
When I was taking the photograph below, I was kind of inspired by this blog entry of mine...
And of course, the gorgeous bride and her bridesmaids...
Christian looks and feels good!
The lovely cake decorated with red roses and rose petals...
After the young couple had their dinner, right before the sun disappeared behind the hills that this lovely country club faced, we got out on the terrace to shoot a few stills.
There was another wedding at the Sierra La Verne Country Club, and this couple, came out of the other wedding, listened to the incredibly fun and irresistable music at the door, and walked in and tore up the dance floor with their impressive salsa skills. And, yours truly was there to document it and he caught me documenting it... It was a funny moment... Yeah, you kind of have to be there to laugh I guess. :o)
Once the party is going, as a photographer, I get on the dance floor and mingle with the people as I truly believe that this is the only way to catch the real action. True, time to time I get on a chair to get a general feeling of the room etc. But these are the shots I love to take... I put my flash on a receiver and place the transmitter on my camera's hot shoe. I gave the flash to one of the groom's men and told him, "Just dance with it, don't drop it and don't look into it". The results (there are a few of these) reminded me of the awesome cover photograph of Rolling Stones' 2005 album A Bigger Bang.
See you on the next entry my lovelies!!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Kiki and Mike's Wedding

I shot a wedding a couple of weeks ago at the Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden in Long Beach.
Before I get ahead of myself, first things first... I drove to Kristina aka Kiki's house first, walked in, and on the coffee table, I saw the action figures of the Fab Four and the Blue Meanie! Immediately, they became the first picture of the day!
Once I collected myself and wiped away the drool off my lips. I was ready to get working.
The ultra-badass-ness of that skull on Kiki's ankle bracelet was the attestation to ultra-fun wedding that I was about to document.
Speaking of the badass-ness... After I joked about running away with the wedding rings, the Best Man looked into my eyes dead-pan and said "I break legs". I still am hoping he was joking like I was.... Needless to say, any unlikely plans of me running away with the hardware immediately left my mind.
Naaah!! I'm just joking of course! They were a fun bunch!
Mommy and auntie are showing some love to the little ring bearer.
Mike shows some love to him as well.
Here are the much talked about hardware pieces.
I thought I could work around people and things, I think I could hide behind the bushes without being a distraction to the wedding party, to the family and to the guests. I think I would be a fly on the wall... But I was naive to think that I could hide from all-knowing, all-seeing Mike!
As I sometimes do, I would like to share one of my favorite shots from this wedding. Obviously, this is an artistic choice. I make sure I document and deliver the requested pictures of the cherished moments clearly. However, I also make sure that I capture those moments in ways that some may think unconventional, some may think unnecessary and some may even dislike... The anticipation of the bride's arrival is almost always a palpable experience. What better reveal that moment than this teaser?
I do shoot weddings for a living... I witness many Grand Entrances and they are all fun in one way or another... This ridiculously awesome Metallica Grand Entrance was one of the best!
The first dance... No, the song wasn't by Metallica, it was by Bob Marley.
The cake...
To see more party pictures, you can visit my Facebook page. See you next week!