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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Vivienne Does Disneyland

Well, that day came... That day that I was not nearly as excited as my daughter... Not even close.

But I was extremely excited to see her there.  To see the first reaction of this lovely soul to what an incredibly well calculated and ridiculously well planned amusement park...  I was extremely excited that I was going to be able to witness my daughter's excitement.

Well, Kimmy greeted us with a gift for Vivienne and the way my daughter accepted the little Minnie doll was a sign of what to expect.

Vivienne meets a little doll version of Minnie Mouse during her first visit to Disneyland.

Here she is, playing it cool, not showing her excitement....

Vivienne posed with her new friend Minnie Mouse in front of the Disneyland entrance.

We were meeting some friends, so while we were waiting for them, Vivienne's imagination got into overdrive.  Here she is, waiting for the doctor's appointment because Minnie was sick...
Vivienne took Minnie to the doctor as soon as she realized Minnie was not feeling well.

Vivienne was so excited meeting all the characters.  We were able to meet Pluto, Minnie, Chipmunks officially.  We did bumped into Mickey, but it seemed like he was off the clock as he was rushing while waving around.  Or maybe he had to go to the bathroom...

Pluto was also the one who bid farewell to Vivienne right before we leave Disneyland

Minnie Mouse hugging Vivienne

The following was worth seeing.  This is exactly what I was talking introducing this blog post.  Vivienne was so ridiculously excited to meet the chipmunks, it was adorable.  And, kudos to the actors in those costumes who made my daughter feel oh-so-special by pretending they couldn't share her and fight for her.

Vivienne was so excited waiting in line to hug the Chipmunks...

Vivienne was so happy to see the Chipmunks not being able to share her hugs!

Anyways... My daughter was also dying to meet Cinderella... However, because there was a Halloween Party at night that required a separate ticket (because everyone knows Disney is not making any money), Cinderella went to her Castle to change.  A young girl, who was there for the night's party in her Cinderella costume was nice enough to pretend she was the one and hugged my daughter.  I do have pictures, but no release forms and this is Cali, so you never know. Out of respect for her and out of fear of getting sued, I am not posting those photographs.

Vivienne's first ever Disney ride was Dumbo....

This ridiculous scene became somewhat standard after each ride....

Small World with gram...

 ...and mommy...

...and scene.

Who is taking who, where?

Although the only reason why I set foot to Disneyland was to enjoy my daughter's excitement, it was a fun day and I am grateful for it.  I am sure she will drag me back to it again and again.

For more pictures, you can visit Kerem Hanci Photography Facebook page

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Kristyn & Sean's Rustic Wedding

I had the tremendous pleasure to shoot a wonderful wedding at The Limoneira Ranch.  Kristyn and Sean tied the knot in a gorgeous rustic setting in the middle of a lemon orchard.
Limoneira Ranch Wedding of Kristyn & Sean

Rustic wedding at the Limoneira Ranch

The intimate setting in the nature, the color scheme and the personal touches to every detail were all a reflection of the vibrant positivity of these two lovely souls.
Wedding ceremony in the lemon orchard at the Limoneira Ranch

Sean & Kristyn walks the aisle after the ceremony at The Limoneira Ranch

Kristyn shows of her ring to her bridesmaids in the lemon orchard at The Limoneira Ranch

A requested souvenir photograph at the lovely venue....

Kristyn and Sean, I truly had a terrific time documenting your wonderful wedding.  May love's light bless your togetherness throughout your eternal journey as the setting sun did on your wedding day!

The first dance of the newlywed couple at The Limoneira Ranch.

Saturday, October 12, 2013


In less than a week, I will be celebrating my 17th year with a lovely human being, a beautiful woman, a talented actor/producer, an incredible cook, my muse and World's Best Mom....

I love you babe.

(Sorry for the horrible scan quality of some of the photographs)
Westchester, CA and Manhattan Beach, CA
1996-1997 The Flirt Years
Asheville, NC and Hollywood, CA
1998 and on...
The Married Life
West Hollywood, CASanta Barbara, CA

2002 - Paris-Montpellier-Istanbul-Izmir-Bodrum-Datça-Fethiye-Pamukkale-Capadoccia
A month-long trip for our real honeymoon.

New Orleans, LA
2004 - Jen's birthday in her hometown New Orleans.
The picture on the left by Jen, the one on the right by yours truly.
Two of my favorite pictures.

Istanbul, Turkey
2005 - One of the most special days of my life in Istanbul.
A birthday celebrated with my entire immediate family for the first time after 9 years.
It is also the last time as we lost my mother in 2007.

Paradise Cove - Malibu, CA
2006 - Another fave, Paradise Cove, Malibu CA.
8th Wedding Anniversary 

Circle X Ranch - Westlake Village, CA
2007 - Circle X Ranch, Westlake Village, CA with Marcus at the grotto at the end of the hike.
Istanbul, Turkey
2008 - Captured by my wonderful sis-in-law Jen Castle in my brother's apartment in Istanbul.

Kirk Creek Campground - Big Sur, CA
2009 - Kirk Creek Campground.  Super chilly and strong wind.
We are cold and the water for tea cannot warm up fast enough.
And you know how I am obsessed with the reflections...

Playa Negra, Costa Rica
2010 - Playa Negra, Costa Rica.  One of the most beautiful vacations I've ever had.

Los Angeles CA
2011 - Los Angeles.
Vivienne graces us with her presence.
Pure ecstasy.

Palamutbükü, Datça, Turkey
2012 - Palamutbükü, Datça, Turkey.
First International trip as a trio.

Underwood Famıly Farms - Moorpark, CA
2013 - The story continues....
 All our families and friends, thank you for being there while Jen and I stuck to each other through thick and thin.  Here is to many more decades in health and prosperity!

Friday, October 4, 2013

World, meet Maya Yolageldili

Maya arrived on September 10, 2013. This is to welcome her among us. Join us world.

On September 10, 2013 my family got richer with the arrival of beautiful Maya Yolageldili, the lovely daughter of my cousin Cem and his gorgeous wife Özden.

Meet Maya!

Family is sacred. My brother and I grew up with our cousins like brothers.  My wife grew up with her cousins like sisters/brothers.
You get the idea.

Maya is Vivienne's little sister.  And I look forward to see them grove together.  Here she is, talking to her auntie Özden, while gently rocking baby Maya.

And here is auntie Jen with her baby niece.

All the tender moments...


Most of the above happened after Maya ate.  But she was still hungry.  So, daddy fed her a little more....

Maya looked at me and I got it.  The clicks of the camera was not particularly a natural sound of Maya's cuddling moments with her dad.  I left them in the room, I put my camera away and enjoyed the company of family.

Grateful for your presence.  Welcome and I look forward to see you grow in a healthy and prosperous life full of laughter.