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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ace And Amir, Your Friendly Local House DJs...

If you are a house music fan like I am and if you are an Angelino or an Angelina who loves to support your local DJs, do yourself a favor and catch these two cool cats in action.

We decided to do a spontaneous shoot and started driving around and ended up in downtown Los Angeles... I really love to shoot there, and the following pics are the results of one fun day.

We finished the shoot by taking pictures around the almost inevitable Walt Disney Concert Hall...

Ace and Amir are blowing the roof off at Villa Sorisso in Pasadena as I write these words. I look forward to their next gig, hopefully I will be able to make it... Who knows, maybe I'll see you there ;o)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Jen & Joe!!! (As promised! Part 2)

As promised 2 weeks ago, the third and last part of our wedding series is coming to you from Las Vegas. Another beautiful couple tied the knot and I was lucky enough to document it.

First I hung out with the boys... There were three pairs of shoes and three pairs of sucks waiting for them... More on this in a little bit.

While his best men were getting ready, Joe marked the date.

The groom's favorite rum was on hand... The 23 year-old Ron Zacapa... The fifth glass is for the photographer... We get thirsty too, you know?

And now, the shoes and the socks... Special order Converses with the lovely argyles!

Joe had the date on his, and the rest of the gang had their names embroidered on...

Good times

This lift ride is generously sponsored by New Castle!

Matt: - "This is our Reservoir Dogs shot!"

While Joe's calling his bachelor life to bid adieu, the other guys are checking in with their significant others.

The lovely desert shoot!

Ladies and Gentlemen! The Wedding Party!!!

I wish Jen and Joe a very happy and healthy life together!

See you next week!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bel and Matt Tied the Knott

As promised last week, the first wedding depicted in the teaser photos is the subject of this week's blog.

Matt watching his bride walk the aisle.

Isabel walking in between her mom and dad towards her groom.

The minister helping the ring bearer to untie the rings.

The long kiss!

May the sun shine on both of you forever! :o)

Let's finish it with a few portrait shots.

Next week, Jen and Joe and their wedding party!!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Teaser of Two Weddings

I had the fortune of shooting two destination weddings during the last couple of weeks (one of which prevented last week's blog but it was worth it!!!).
Full coverage of both of these weddings will be the subject of the next two blogs, but I just wanted to post one picture for each couple.

Bel and Matt...


Jen and Joe...

I wish you all a happy, healthy, successful life! May your love grow forever!