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Friday, October 24, 2014

Kristy & Göker's Wedding

I shared this lovely couple's Engagement Session pictures with you back in April, but here is a refresher...

Kristy and Göker tied the knot a couple of weeks ago at Kellogg House in a wonderful ceremony followed by a bi-cultural fun reception. 

Kellogg House is rich in its offerings for ideas and environments for photographers!

The reception was beautiful, emotional and everyone present witnessed how these two young individuals couldn't take their eyes from each other.

Two photographers shoot the same instant from different angles Part 1

Two photographers shoot the same instant from different angles Part 2

Following the reception, we took advantage of the locale's beautiful settings and rooms and I opted for a nostalgic approach.  When two people are in love and when you tell them "try to forget about me being here and be into each other", there is no trying...

Blissfully forgotten in the background, I was able to capture the love in the bride's eyes

I let the couple be into each other and kept my distance and shot.  I was grateful for the groom's love for his bride that made him forget about me

Before sharing a few more pictures of the lovely couple, here is the über-fun wedding party!

Kellogg House and Mr. Kellogg's room provide an inspirational environment for wedding shoots.

Mr. Kellogg's room was incredibly inspirational.  So we took advantage of it!

The first of two shots that establishes the advantage of having two photographers.

Following the ceremony, the newlyweds shared some time at the beautiful Kellogg House in Pomona

A quintessential reflection shot I usually incorporate to all my wedding shoots.

Kristy and Göker, I wish you both a prosperous and eternal togetherness in health and happiness! Thank you for giving us the privilege to document your wedding!

Kristy & Göker's wedding at Kellogg House in Pomona

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