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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Vivienne Decorates Easter Eggs

Friday Photography Blog's first Easter entry came a bit delayed, but it's worth the wait!

Jennifer not only got Vivienne decorate and eat her eggs, but she also documented the entire process.

So, I will leave you guys with the little peanut from Jennifer's lovely compositions.

Happy Easter everyone!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Jacqueline and Douglas Got Engaged

I shot the engagement session of Jacqueline and Douglas last November, and these two are tying the knot tomorrow!  I will be there to document all the fun and loveliness during this most important day, but I thought it would be just appropriate to share these before their wedding day.

Have a fantastic week and I'll see you guys next Friday!

Jacqueline and Douglas' Engagement Session - The Shining Kiss

Jacqueline and Douglas' Engagement Session - Under The Trees Under The Blue Sky

Jacqueline and Douglas' Engagement Session - From The Eye of the Fish-Eye

Jacqueline and Douglas' Engagement Session - The Approaching Kiss in the Shadows

Friday, March 8, 2013

KHP's "New" Talented Member

As promised last week, a few photographs from Vivienne's birthday.... Although, the subject of the blog is a bit different.

Look at the photograph below...

I love this picture!  It was taken in November of 2004 in New Orleans...  With a keen eye for original and attractive compositions, my wife Jennifer has been taking photograph for a long time now.  Last week, on Vivienne's birthday, Jen snapped tons of pictures and proved to be a fantastically talented photographer.

She does think out of the frame... err... out of the box.

She has no problems with having a puppy's wet nose covering the front half of the frame to be out of focus...

She is not afraid of laying down on wet grass to get a great shot!

She knows to be at the right place at the right time...

And she can tell stories with only one frame...

I am happy to officially announce that she is now a more-than-ever active photographer at Kerem Hanci Photography.  Welcome to where you always were canım!

(That way I hope she'll stop bossing me around and take some pictures!)

Friday, March 1, 2013

Andrea & Eric's Wedding

As a wedding photographer, I get to shoot big and small weddings alike.  This week, Friday Photography Blog is about a small, intimate wedding that took place in The Little Corona Del Mar Beach, in Newport Beach, CA.

Andrea and Eric asked me to shoot tons of candid shots.  We had only a few posed shots and I have to tell you, I had a lot of fun being a fly on the wall.  First a few from the hotel room where the bride, the maid of honor, the groom and the best man got ready together...

Andrea and Eric getting ready together at the Waterfront Beach Resort

Eric rocking some serious purple argyle socks...

Eric rocking some serious purple argyle socks

The dress and Eric's daughters' dresses, and of course the rings.

The dresses and the rings

As I mentioned, the ceremony was at the beautiful Little Corona Del Mar Beach. The hug following the kiss that followed the ceremony in the Little Corona Del Mar Beach

Leave the high heels by the shore... It is so much easier to walk on sand barefoot anyways! Not that I would know the difference... High heels on the beach

These guys were just passing by and they were in a hurry for some reason! I asked them to lift Andrea up and she is a cool enough chick to be game! Surfers' lucky day: they found a mermaid

A couple from the portrait session. Fish-eye obsession. Fish-eye wedding portrait on the beach

Silhouette wedding portrait on the beach

As opposed to the traditional big weddings, the reception was at a wine house called Wine Cellar in Seal Beach. There were no dancing, no toasts, no speeches, no tosses... It was just a lovely, intimate gathering of people who love this couple. The request for candid shots made total sense in this environment. An intimate wedding reception at The Wine Cellar, Seal Beach CA

The challenge of this location was the lighting.  Have you ever been in a wine bar?  It is dark... I mean, it really is dark!  I had several options:
- I could lower my shutter speed in order to get the ambient light and the atmosphere behind, while risking having blurry shots
- I could just worry about my immediate subjects and end up with shots you would usually get at the nightlife sites
- Or I could actually reap the fruits of my investment and bump my camera's ISO settings up (1600-3200) and leave shutter speed and aperture settings as if I was shooting a regular wedding (usually between 400-800 ISO).  Normally, this would increase the "grain" on the photographs, and while I love grainy, artful pictures; they are not particularly preferable for wedding photographs.  Thankfully, I have one of the few cameras available in the market that handle low light extremely well (Nikon D3s) and that's where the smart investment pays off.

Eric and his older daughter

Eric and his Bestman

Andrea and her sister

Andrea and her sister, Part Deux

Cupcakes all over!

Please join me wishing Andrea and Eric a very happy life together.

Speaking of happiness... Sunday is my daughter Vivienne's second birthday.

Guess what the blog will be about next week?

See you then!