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Friday, November 14, 2014

Myrna TV Show: Join The Revolution

This is a project I am extremely proud to be a part of!
Before I share the publicity pictures of the principal cast, here is some information about the show:

This groundbreaking television series will be the first television show centered around a transgender woman, played by award-winning transgender actress, Marlo Bernier, but it's not just about a "boy who is a girl," it's about the human connection and about how we all strive to live life as who we really are. Inspired by the real life experiences of the show's star and writer, Marlo Bernier, formally Mark Bernier (Angels in America, Cecil B DeMented), this half hour dramedy speaks with a voice yet to be heard on television. Bernier affirms, “with ‘Myrna’ we are seeking to elevate the public's understanding on the oft times misconstrued topic of transsexualism - it's time we stop depicting the sole image of transgender people in popular media as being relegated to the peripheries of society such as drug addicts and prostitutes.” Myrna shows life day to day for a transgender woman in a way few other works have dared to do.

Director, Ted Campbell asserts, “’Myrna’ will be as provocative as it is touching. It is a story about a human being with all the same ups and downs in life, all the same faults and strengths within each of us. She just happens to be transsexual.”

"’Myrna’ teaches us all,” observes Executive Producer Jennifer Fontaine, “that we have the ability, every second we are alive, to make a profound and meaningful change in the way we live our lives." Myrna marks the fourth collaboration for Marlo Bernier, Jennifer Fontaine and Ted Campbell whose previous projects, Stealth (2009), Snuff (2012), andFinding John Smith (2012) have garnered critical acclaim for their unique and relate-able narratives on complex and controversial subjects.

Now, about the shoot...

I came up with the concept and the light design.  Jen coached the actors to bring the show's character in the most accurate way.  Hair and make up was handled by the inimitable Mary-Kate Gales.  The talent in front of the lens is incomparable and I really cannot wait till you see the finished product!

Huge thanks to Blue Buddha Studios for providing us with the gorgeous space to shoot these.

And, without further ado, here is the principal cast's publicity shots.

Myrna TV Show Principal Cast Publicity Shots - Myrna
Marlo Bernier as Myrna

Myrna TV Show Principal Cast Publicity Shots - Maxine
Jennifer Fontaine as Maxine

Myrna TV Show Principal Cast Publicity Shots - Holland
Candice Cayne as Holland

Myrna TV Show Principal Cast Publicity Shots - LL Lewis
Paul McKinney as LL Lewis

Myrna TV Show Principal Cast Publicity Shots - Stefie
Julie Carmen as Stefie

Myrna TV Show Principal Cast Publicity Shots - Steven
Mark Atteberry as Steven

Myrna TV Show Principal Cast Publicity Shots - Franklin
David Mattey as Franklin

Please consider to support this project with your contributions and Join The Revolution.