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Saturday, June 1, 2013


I have been staying away from anything political since this blog has started a few years ago...  And for good reason... I envisioned and tried  to use this blog to uplift people and to share my professional adventures as well as the personal ones.  No need to remind people the every day grind, I thought...

Downtown Los Angeles, Perish Square, Turks Protesting Turkish Government

Well, something is happening in my hometown (Istanbul, Turkey) and it is hitting historic levels... To keep the mood light and to reference to one of my favorite movies, it went to 11...

Los Angeles Turks in Solidarity with Istanbul

So, I decided to write something in solidarity, but I will spare you the details...  At the end of this entry, there will be a few links, if you wish to read about this issue, you can.

There was a protest in Istanbul in order to protect a park from being demolished to make way to a big residence/shopping center.  The ridiculously exaggerated reaction of the police was the spark that started the fire that my country has never seen until yesterday.  Everybody is in the streets protesting the overreaching, more and more despotic government and within (literally) hours, some of my friends organized a gathering to support the citizens of Turkey.

American-Turks supporting the protestors in Turkey

This was realized in Pershing Square, in Downtown Los Angeles and in that few hours that this was organized, we managed to gather around 500 people, most from Los Angeles, and some from surrounding yet far-away cities like Las Vegas and San Diego.  Mehmet Okur, the retired NBA player was also among them.
Mehmet Okur who retired from NBA last year came to show his support for the people who are rising up against despotism in Turkey.

Los Angeles Turks in solidarity with the Occupy Gezi movement.  This is way beyond just a park, this is an uprising to withold the fragile democracy of Turkey...
#OccupyGezi received moral support from Los Angeles

A media drone took aerial footage during the peaceful gathering.

A media drone took aerial footage during the peaceful gathering protesting the brutal police force used against citizens in Turkey.

And as promised, here are couple of articles about this subject: one from National Review Online and another one from The New York Times...

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