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Friday, May 24, 2013

My wife, the artist

Although I promised a blog about a wedding, I decided to share these photographs first...

As I formally introduced to you a couple of weeks ago, my wife is now officially a member of Kerem Hanci Photography team.  She grabbed the camera with the 50 mm on a couple of days ago and took a few shots at home.  I truly love her "photographic eye" and I am very excited to see what her priceless contributions will be to the weddings we will shoot together!

The photographs in the below picture's bokeh area are worth noting (as my wife organized them in such way): on the left, is my mom, on the right is her mom, and directly behind  that little heart-shaped frame, in which a strange couple is photographed kissing each other, is our daughter.

The "artist" mentioned on the title of this week's Friday Photography Blog is not used lightly and it is definitely not used for her talent in taking photographs.  She is also an incredibly creative woman.  She acted in numerous films, she wrote a dozen of them and she produced many others.  We have 4 paintings of her decorating various walls of our place and she also builds wooden wall pieces.  Yes.  She does.  See the below gorgeous piece that holds (a dear friend's) painting, a candle and a vase.  A great, unusual, attractive  decorative piece.

The below painting of the Mayan Monkey Sign was also created by my wife.  In addition to all this, she is raising our beautiful daughter and she has a blog where she shares her creative and delicious recipes and her outdoor experience with our daughter.

Mayan Monkey Sign Painting by Jennifer Fontaine

Mayan Monkey Sign Painting by Jennifer Fontaine
You may ask, what the heck I'm doing while she is busy doing all of the above... I just press some buttons.  See you next week!

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