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Friday, June 7, 2013

Cajun & Blues Festival on Memorial Day

There is a tradition in Simi Valley... A Cajun & Blues Festival celebrating the music and the food of Louisiana.  My wife is from New Orleans, so I joined her and my daughter this year to enjoy this lovely cultural event.  I decided to document the entire primarily with one lens.  Sometimes I challenge myself to do such things to various degrees of success. Past examples include 105mm Macro approach to the life with a baby & the recent event to support the protesters in Istanbul that I shot using the 50mm). 

This time I did OK.  I had to change the lens for a few shots that I will be sharing at the end of the post...

Obviously, it is always the greatest pleasure to photograph my daughter...

Vivienne dancing to Cajun music

I really love "blind shots".  I have a pretty good aim as I usually do practice shooting from the belt or from various angles without looking through the viewfinder.  And, no, I do not use the live view to shoot... Ever.

A blind-shot is defined by me as a photograph taken without looking through the viewfinder or the screen behind the camera.

Another shot from the belt... Well, it was kind of from the chest actually, but you get the idea.  The festival had its share of colorful costumes, which I did not particularly care to photograph.  But when I saw these four, I clicked away.

All the Miss Gold Coasts showed up

A fascinating guy demonstrating the mighty garlic grater...  I almost bought one.  Almost...

2013 Simi Valley Blues and Cajun Music Festival

Another blind-shot...

Some of you might remember that I do have an obsession with reflections.  When I saw Vivienne's and grandma's reflection in those glasses I snapped away.  One of the beautiful things about that 50mm, it's not heavy so you can shoot quickly...

Vivienne having a great time dancing on her grandma's shoulders and mommy is all smiles.

The family dancing together....

An absolute must in any festival, event that has anything to do with New Orleans is this delicious hurricane drink... It was yummy and surprisingly loaded.

An absolute must!

Alright, now let's talk about why I caved in and changed the lens...

When I saw this out of place ATM underneath the tree facing the Blues stage, I decided that the only way to capture its ridiculously imposing presence would be from a low angle, yet the 50 wouldn't do justice to the dramatic effect I wanted to give to it... So, I grabbed the 18mm for this shot.

This should not be put in the nature...

Than, I proceeded towards the Blues stage where people put up their chair and were enjoying a beverage or two and watching the concert while chatting away with their new-found friends.  I wanted to be that fly-on-the-wall and snap pictures that would portray the atmosphere and the state these people were in... The "laissez les bons temps rouler" motto of the Big Easy was alive and well in this Sunday afternoon...  Yes, I could also refer to "easy like Sunday morning"... Why not?

Laissez les bons temps rouler

Next week, I am planning to share one of the most interesting, creative and crazy engagement shoots I have ever done...  See you then ;o)

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