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Friday, June 14, 2013

Burçin & Shai

I had the tremendous pleasure of documenting the wedding of Burçin and Shai a couple of weeks ago.  The wedding was at the beautiful Rancho Sol Del Pacifico looking at the Pacific Ocean from the hills of Santa Monica Mountains.
Purple and White Wedding at Rancho Sol Del Pacifico, looking at the Pacific Ocean from the top of Santa Monica Mountains

I met Burçin last year when she was looking for a photographer.  I also shot this couple's wild engagement pictures and those session spread out to 2 days and one night.  I was going to share those pictures first, but then I decided to wait as you will come to find out, nothing is ordinary with this lovely couple...  For instance,  they got ready together. 

First look? What first look?

Although they did see each other before the ceremony, Burçin managed to hide the dress and did not let Shai see her in it until she walked the aisle.

The Wedding Dress and Its Details
Let's do the details as well...

The bouquet, the cufflinks and the rings.

Getting a bit creative with the wedding jewelery

The Bride's Shoes were Christian Dior

The beautiful bride...

The bride is getting ready

The bride on the couch by the window

The ceremony was officiated by the Best Man and he did a great job keeping it freshly original and unique.  Ed practically treated the family and friends of the couple to a stand-up show, without ever getting the spot light off of the couple.  Here you can see him wearing a Fes AND a Yarmulke to represent both cultures of the couple (one is from Turkey, the other from Israel) and also, he has a German beer mug in his hand (yes, of course that is real beer) to celebrate the birthplace of the bride.

What does Fes, Yarmulke and beer have in common?

Once the ceremony was over, the couple immediately started to get ready for the wild night ahead...
Delicious shots to get ready for the night.

The night was full of action and surprises...  There was a burlesque show to a medley of Led Zeppelin covers by a great jazz trio...

Burlesque Show at the wedding

There was the Hora dance...

The newly weds are enjoying a bottle of champagne during their Hora Dance

There were flaming shots (more on that later)...
The bartender prepares the shots with his special gloves.

There was Burçin finding out for the first time that her husband can carry a tune on the trumpet...

There was a group hug towards the end of the night that gradually got bigger...

And here is more of those flaming shots...

May the sun shine on your collective lives and on your fortune forever the lovely couple!

Sun is shingin on the newly weds.

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