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Friday, June 22, 2012

Look Up.

Many of you may not know this, but I have a twin brother. His name is Tolga and he lives back in my hometown Istanbul and he makes his living as a Corporate Communication and Personal Development Consultant. A couple of weeks ago, I saw through his Facebook Page that he was going to be on one of the Turkish TV Channels, so I tuned in via Internet.
The subject matter was how to deal with pessimism, or the dark moments that may haunt one at one point or another in one's life. There were many suggestions, but one of them surprised me as I often use it, and I have even shared it with you almost a year ago. I was talking about changing your angle, your perspective. He suggested to "look up". And, interestingly, I have been looking up lately and here are a few photographs I hope that would elevate your week.
An obviously urban one... In several photography classes that I took, the instructors always mentioned those rules... The ones that I often feel the urge to break or bend... I distinctly remember at least a couple of them telling me to avoid powerlines in my photographs... Non sense! Right after I took this picture, I found myself (in my mind) looking at the music sheets in my music class and it immediately put a smile on my face.
How about an opportunity to get some free stuff?! :D
Who can guess which church this is? You can either leave a comment or email me with your answer and I will pick a random reader to offer him/her a portrait session at half price along with a free print!
I have a soft spot for tall buildings.
Sherman Oaks... Sitting in traffic... Impatient to get home... I looked up and appreciated the moment I was in... Even if I was sitting in my car in the Valley heat.
Another "through the sunroof" photograph.
Let me leave you with the one I shot today. I literally had to lay on the floor and get under the flower. This is what I am talking about changing angles and perspectives... Observe, think and find a somewhat unusual angle. Let me know how it goes! :D See you my peeps!


  1. this might be one of my top favs of all time! awesome blog! awesome pics!! i think the powerlines are my fav :D

  2. Absolutely STUNNING! Thank you so much for posting. Yes! LOOK UP!!! :)