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Friday, June 1, 2012

Kelly & Bret

I always say this, and I will repeat it again... I love my job. When I have a camera in my hands and I'm out there photographing the world, I am a very happy man. My profession is rewarding in so many levels, I could provide you with a long list. This list would be incomplete without the weddings. The excitement and the build up to the ceremony, the palpable presence of love at the altar, and the relaxed fun during the reception and party that usually follows that make the photographer who is there to document it all a very lucky person.
Kelly and Bret are a lovely couple. I hung out with Bret and the boys before the ceremony and the excitement and the happiness were filling the room.
Than we went up to the roof of the hotel to shoot a few portraits of the groom and his men.
Than, it was time for the "first look". Bret's excitement while waiting for his bride to touch his shoulder was worth seeing it!
The bride and the groom mingled with the wedding party and the family, the portraits are taken and than we headed to the church for the ceremony.
The smiles :D
And the party.
I wish Kelly and Bret a very happy, healthy and prosperous life together! Congratulations!

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