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Friday, June 15, 2012

Ke'Shae & Julio's Wedding

Oh, do I have some fun wedding to share with you! Do you remember Ke'Shae and Julio from last February? I shot their engagement session.
Well, they recently have a lovely ceremony in Santa Monica and I personally had a great time. These folks knew how to have fun!
I hung out with Ke'Shae and the girls for a while and I had the pleasure to document the excitement and the happiness of the bride while she was getting ready.
Then, I met with the boys in the Palisades Park of Santa Monica on this gorgeous day and we spend some time together talking about life, getting to know each other and having a blast shooting several pictures...
When it was time for him to take his place, Julio's excitement was very visible and he was all smiles.
The wedding party, the reverend and the groom were ready and the anticipation of bride's arrival was at its peak.
And then she showed up in her father's arm. Julio, seeing his bride for the first time in her gown was ecstatic.
The ceremony was absolutely wonderful. The reverend was to the point and incredibly funny. It was obvious that the couple and her knew each other for a long time. Following the Unity Sand Ceremony and the exchange of vows, we proceeded to the wedding party photographs.
Groom with the girls...
Bride with the boys...
The wonderfully adorable idea of having the miniature bride and groom...
Following the portrait session, we drove to Malibu where the reception took place.
While the couple was on the dance floor for the first dance, Julio serenaded to his wife...
Following that, the father/daughter dance and the mother/son dance were absolutely wonderful. I decided to keep the mother/son dance private as it was beautifully emotional. Usually, the songs chosen for father/daughter dances are from the point of view of the father... This one however, was from the point of view of the daughter who was marrying a man and was singing to her father how she loves her unborn son to be like her dad. It was absolutely wonderful to see the love between the father and the daughter. The song is called "Daddy" and it's by Beyoncé.
The tosses!
Than the party started, and let me tell you, these people knew how to party!
And the line dances! I have to be honest here. I never thought in my life that I could enjoy this many line dances in a row. Obviously, the fact that this group can dance helped. I had so much fun photographing them, I had a constant smile on my face.
It was also fun to follow this little guy around. He.Did.Not.Stop.
You remember that picture of the bride with the boys? Well, the groom was jealous.
This is probably my favorite moment of the entire day... Almost all the guests have left the place... A few family members still linger on around the tables, getting ready to get their cars from the valet... And Julio is still serenading to Ke'Shae... I wish you both a prosperous life together, in health and happiness! Congratulations!

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