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Friday, December 30, 2011

Houmas House Plantation Part III

Well, as promised, here is the third edition of Houmas House Plantation focusing on the gems found inside this gorgeous place. As you may remember the first edition was the surroundings of Houmas House via the fish-eye lens. On the second edition, I shared more details of the gardens and fountains around the house.
The Houmas House is a living museum of the history of the American South.
This week, as I am still struggling with the lovely cold who came to visit me, I will let the photographs do the talking. Enjoy, and don't be shy to leave your comments!

Let's start with a few detail shots of the ridiculous amount of art artifacts in this house. Statuettes, paintings, jewelry... You name it.

The following is an interesting and a gorgeous one. It's also no doubt very precious as it was made by the famous artist and sculptor Gutzon Borglum, the one responsible for the little public work known as Mount Rushmore in South Dakota. His signature is on the bench.

A painting of the ship Armenia belonging to Hampurg-America Packet Company. It was made in 1896 and was seized by the US Government in 1917.

I will never give up my reflection fetish.

How about some silver?

May the new year be the way you make it to be! And may it bring us all some silver! :D
Mine will have full of laughter and prosperity in great health among the family and loved ones.

Happy New Year!


  1. the one of the eagle is incredible! LOVE!

  2. Love seeing Houmas House through your eyes! thanks for sharing!
    Jesse Lambert
    Houmas House