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Friday, December 23, 2011

Vivienne's First Christmas

Well, the title of this blog may be misleading until the last photograph... Yet, it is not misleading in the sense that it is all about my daughter.

Let's start with the first flight of Vivienne. Here she is at the LAX airport, with her mom, getting ready to board the plane to fly to New Orleans, LA.

This is a picture from my phone's camera. And, yes, mommy and daddy are pretending to sleep while Vivienne is really passed out. She was so good!

Here, you see Vivienne rockin' the Pink Floyd t-shirt her daddy bought her... Her mom rolled her eyes when she saw it...

Thanksgiving Day in Baton Rouge, LA.

Visiting Oak Alley Plantation with her mom.

Chilling with the fam at the Oak Alley Plantation's famous oak alley!

We also had a great authentic cajun dinner at Pont Breaux's while listening to authentic cajun music performed by Lee Benoit & The Bayou Stompers. The place was packed following a victorious LSU football game. It doesn't get more Louisiana than this! I danced with my daughter for a long time!

Vivienne helped us pack.

And, as promised, here is Vivienne's Christmas picture with Santa Claus and mommy... Apparently mommy had to be there because Vivienne does not particularly want to get too close to Santa. Unfortunately I had to miss this moment because of work. Oh, well...


  1. I miss you all so much. The photos are gorgeous, and please give each other a hug for me and a big kiss for Vivi. Teresa

  2. Awesome photos! Vivi is getting so big!!!

  3. Kolunun boğumlarını severim been! Gülümsemeniz daim olsun!