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Friday, January 15, 2016


I think the trend of naming celebrity couples still continue....

While they may be famous, I truly doubt the level of love reach anywhere near the one that exists between PhoeBen.  Phoebe and Ben tied the knot last June and Kerem Hanci Photography was thrilled to photograph their union!

I think Phoebe and Ben's smiles are absolutely contagious
Meet the couple.

I love how the nervousness on Ben's face cedes its place to an amazing smile with a single touch of Phoebe!
First Look and how Ben's nervous expression fades away with just one touch of Phoebe!

The Bride and the groom in different locations within the park they got married at
After the first look, Phoebe and Ben were so relaxed during their portrait session, which in turn made our job very easy.

The pastel colors of the bouquet and the kiss on thebackground.

Color combination done right
Speaking of pastel colors, Phoebe did a phenomenal job choosing them.

Here are those colors and the good looking wedding party.

Details can be a lot of fun to photograph!
The Wedding Bouquet and the Wedding Rings.

This was very cute.  Both Phoebe and Ben are engineers, and their approach to traditions such as the unity candle or unity sand was unity soldering!
They used the soldering iron to unite their hearts in one giant heart!

Ben's Face Says It All
Here is the heart they created.  Ben's face says it all!

That sweet first kiss as husband and wife
The first kiss as husband and wife while the wedding party and the guests celebrates.

Wedding chucks are still a popular trend
Chucks that had to be documented.

With a two photographer package you end up getting a great amount of beautiful candid photographs taken by the second photographer while you are posing for the first one.
When you book a two-photographer wedding package, you would be getting gorgeous candid photographs
by the second photographer, while you are focused on posing for the first one.
Two photographers are also a great way to get ample coverage during the ceremony.

There is no way I could hold myself from taking this picture.
I was running to get the first dance photographs when I saw these four little cuties,
sitting on the grass and having ice cream.  There was no way for me not to take
this photograph.  How one can ignore this?

As husband and wife, Phoebe and Ben had a lovely choreographed dance!
And the first dance of Phoebe and Ben as Husband and Wife. No need to pose for this.

Phoebe and Ben in their muscle car.
While they are definitely not posing, I did ask them to kiss,
after I put my video light under the dashboard to light them up
against the sunset in the background and the headlights in the foreground.

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