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Friday, November 20, 2015

Tracey & Dustin

I met Tracey and Dustin for the first time and they had an amazing energy! W had a fantastic engagement shoot and I was so excited to shoot their wedding.
Dustin and Tracey got engaged.

Tracey is showing off her ring while keeping Dustin close.

What's going through her mind at this very moment?

On their wedding day, I hung out with Dustin and his groomsmen.

Dustin has an interest in watches as I do, so we did not mind bringing them up front during the shoots. However this one is a very special Nixon: a wedding gift from the bride who knows her man very well. Look at that smile on Dustin's face!

The groom received a Nixon Watch as a wedding gift from the bride

We first went to Cal State Fullerton's Baseball field where he played baseball with his brother...

These Cal State Fullerton graduates, take their baseball seriously. Go Titans!

And, what is he thinking at this moment?

Groom and his best man posing where they used to play baseball.

Than we headed to Branagan's Irish Pub in downtown Fullerton.

Branagan's Irish Pub in Fullerton was the place of choice for a pre-ceremony refreshments.

Groom and his groomsmen are enjoying a pint at this authentic Irish Pub.

You gotta get some Jameson before you leave an Irish Pub!

After some fun time it was time to head back to the church for the ceremony.  The ceremony was short and sweet and intimate.

The bride and groom are not joking around for their first kiss as husband and wife

Following the ceremony, we ended up at the beautiful Summit House for a fun filled reception, before which I was able to capture this beautiful couple in all their wedding day glory.

The gorgeous bride posing at the Summit House

Bride and groom posing right in front of Summit House

Summit House offers photographers a beautiful environment to shoot

Capturing the love in her eyes

The bride's wedding gift to the groom is taking the forefront in this shot

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