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Friday, December 4, 2015

Zoisa & Chad

I had the pleasure to get back to the lovely Verandas Beach House in Manhattan Beach, CA for a gorgeous DIY wedding.  The creative bride and her easy going groom were absolutely fantastic to work with.

I first get to the house to meet Chad and his groomsmen.

The first thing I noticed was the beer...

Weihenstphaner is the oldest brewery in the world and I am a huge fan of their brews, especially Vitus.  Definitely recommended.  Anyways, apparently, the oficiator, who is a good friend of Chad is a world traveler and he had the pleasure to visit this old establishment and hence he has a great taste when it comes to beer!

Following a quick game of poker...

We headed out to the venue.  Let's do the details first:

And, here is the beautiful bride Zoisa...

Following the ceremony and portrait session....

The calm before the.......


Join me wishing this lovely couple a happy, healthy and prosperous life together!

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