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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Shira & Andy's Engagement Session

Meet Shira & Andy. Although they both grew up in California, they now live in New York. And as both of their families are in California, they decided to hire local photographer for their wedding that would take place in June.
They found me last summer and although this was not planned at all, Shira called me and let me know that she would be here for only a couple of days with her fiancé during the Holiday season.
We decided on the only day they could do this, which was the day of their arrival by the way, and we met as planned in Palos Verdes after they flew for 5 hours and they had barely sometime to eat something and get ready.
Mother Nature had a lovely joke on them: It was raining. Pouring here and there. Than raining a little. Than a few minutes of break, and raining again.
But I guess this is why I love what I do... These two were incredibly joyous, extremely fun to be around and totally oblivious to the rain. And that great attitude fired this short session up with warmth, laughter and fun!
It was almost a testimony to how easy their love came to them. Nothing was stopping them from having fun, giggling, smiling and being positive... And from kissing of course!
A few more fun pictures...
And, of course, I had to document the rain that tried to spoil the day, and their love that endured and uplifted them and this photographer.... And, guess what: I look forward to spend a lovely day with this young couple in June!

1 comment:

  1. these are GORGEOUS babe! the rain adds such a romantic feeling to it :)

    love the one with all of the yellow flowers!