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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Sunset and Clouds

I have a soft spot for those cotton-candy like clouds and Los Angeles is not particularly a place to observe them all the time... When we shot a movie in Iowa a few years ago for instance, those clouds were always there, almost everyday.
We do get them in Los Angeles but it's not as often as I like to see them, but then again, this way they stay precious to me.
I was driving on Santa Monica Blvd. coming back from a shoot when I saw the Century City skyline lit by the setting sun despite the cloudy sky.  I grabbed my camera and clicked away without really composing the picture...
A gorgeous Los Angeles winter day.
Same drive, rear view mirror...

A gorgeous Los Angeles winter day.

This one is from another day and another drive I took on Mulholland Drive.  I love to take the canyon roads whenever I can.

A lovely winter sunset in Los Angeles

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