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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Winter Rainbow in Rustic Kitchen

What an eventful week! I had the great opportunity to shoot three weddings and spent three wonderful days with three lovely couples. More on those weddings in the coming weeks.
I also had the privilege to be the guest blogger for the very precious Mommy Hiker Community. Click on the link to read my photography heavy guest blog entitled "The Metamorphosis of The Great 'Outdoors'".
I'm gearing up to participate in a photo-walk project in Downtown Los Angeles, and the challenge is, I won't have one of my lenses I love dearly. As I told you, it was an eventful week and that lens is in the shop now, being repaired. But no biggie, I have other lenses, and I will take this opportunity to challenge myself to get creative.
As a matter of fact, I did just that tonight. My wife recently added a few little magical touches to our kitchen in order to change the storage area. She is constantly tweaking here and there in the house making our home even more home like and I love it! I wanted to honor her passion and love for our nest and thank her for giving me a guest blogger spot in her passionate blog. So here are the pictures, fresh from the oven. Enjoy and I'll be back next week with a wonderful couple from Turkey and a lovely wedding day in Los Angeles.
Lovely, colorful roses in a winter rainbow bouquet.
Winter Rainbow in Rustic Kitchen - A Close Look
The jars, the unfinished, raw wood, the metal that holds it... I'm loving it.
Winter Rainbow in Rustic Kitchen
A rustic kitchen...
Rustic Kitchen
Winter Rainbow is such a lovely name for a bouquet of roses.
Winter Rainbow
All the jars and that wood!
Coffee is the focal point
Fish-eye fetish is back
A fish looking at the whole picture...

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