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Friday, October 5, 2012

Vivienne's First Trip to Turkey!

Well, it only took me about a month following our return from our trip to Turkey to blog about Vivienne's first trip to her father's home country. I made a conscious decision not to be glued to the camera, in fact I only brought my point and shoot... I was determined to travel light for our 3-week vacation. And here is the proof... From left to right: Jen's suitcase, Vivienne's suitcase, my duffel bag.
We spent the first night in Istanbul and drove down to Datça the next day. When we got into our room, we were surprised to see that Vivienne's "dede" (my father) spent some time creating some wall art that actually matched the bed covers!
And, before I get to the vacation and my daughter, I have to share this.... It was on the stairway and it reminded me of my "adopted home city" New Orleans.
I started going to Datça, more precisely Palamutbükü in 19987 when my father bought a summer house in this village. My best summers were spent there. The friendships I made there are still incredibly strong. It truly is a magical place and it takes a huge space in my heart and in my life. I took my wife there years ago when she first visited Turkey, and so it was only natural that my daughter enjoyed her first summer vacation here.
Vivienne really had a fantastic time in Palamutbükü. And my father had time to connect and play with her grand-daughter. It was great to see his happiness.
This was probably Vivienne's most favorite past time in the south of Turkey: wetting Dede with the garden hose!
Another fun time for Vivienne was to get on my father's bike and play with it. Future biker chick? We'll see!
I think my father's face tells more that any of the above photographs.
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