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Friday, September 30, 2011

A Cloudy Afternoon in Los Angeles

Following the first few drops of rain this fall in Los Angeles, we had an absolutely gorgeous cloudy sky and even more beautiful sunset with a rainbow and all.... I know tons of people post their phone pictures on Facebook, but the following photographs are as usual the result of my passionate affair with this art form, so I am making the Friday Photography Blog about the cloudy LA sky and I'm not gonna apologize for it!

Whenever we can, we take advantage of our patio. And, on this gorgeous Friday afternoon, we made some Turkish tea and hung out. We then noticed the ever changing sky, the clouds forming interesting shapes, the little spots where it rains etc. I grabbed my camera and shot a few frames.

A little rainbow and a gorgeous and colorful sunset sky put the lovely dot at the end of a gorgeous narrative the sky wrote this afternoon and there is no way I can top that, so, I leave you with these...


  1. O anların renklerini kaçırdığıma neredeyse üzüldüm bu fotoğraflara baktığımda :( ellerine sağlık.