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Friday, September 23, 2011

Rusty's Surf Ranch

As I have promised for the last couple of weeks, this week's Friday Photography Blog is about a restaurant/bar on the Santa Monica Pier. If I am not mistaken, Rusty's Surf Ranch opened its doors to the public in 1994.

Located in the middle of the pier, next to the amusement park, it has two patios, one facing north, the other facing south.

It's a great place to get some food, a few drinks and enjoy live music. I really like it during the weekdays, as the weekends may be a little too touristy for my taste.

It has great Happy Hour specials daily. One of their specialties is the Blue Laguna Margarita...

There is the large main dining room, the game room with high tables and chairs and the two patios I was talking about, so there is plenty of seating options to choose from and that makes Rusty's the perfect place to hang out with friends, have a family dinner or a quality time with your date.

With an extensive collection of historic surfboards and memorabilia, Rusty's pays homage to the "Surfing '60s", the Golden Era of California Surf Culture.

Santa Monica's Municipal Pier was dedicated in 1909, and the Amusement Pier began operations with the Carousel at its heart in 1916. One year later the building where Rusty's is now located was built. The structure was referred to as "The Billiards Building" due to the seven billiards tables that were a central feature when it opened. Rusty's keeps that aspect of the building's history alive with the billiards table located in the game room.

Rusty's has good live music and an overall fun atmosphere. If you haven't been there before, check it out during one of the nights when they have live music. Go early, watch the sunset, catch the great happy hour specials, have dinner and catch the live show. It really is worth it.

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