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Friday, September 16, 2011

The Bad Bad Things

Do you remember the 1998 movie Vey Bad Things? A dark comedy way before the era of raunchy comedies like Hangover, where a prostitute is killed during a bachelor party in Vegas and the attendees turn on each other as the wedding approaches.

Well, the name of the band The Bad Bad Things reminds me of that movie... Actually, it only reminds me of that movie's name. A while back, I watched a couple of YouTube videos of the band and I thought they were alright and they definitely spiked my interest.

Two weeks ago, after I shot the Santa Monica Twilight Dance Series, I headed to my second photography gig of the night in order to document the runner-up of the respected Emerging Artists (Battle of the Bands) competition organized by the one and only Rusty's Surf Ranch. As I promised last week, this week we are covering The Bad Bad Things and next week we'll talk about Rusty's.

The fan based showed up early, proudly wearing apparel carrying the band's artwork.

The band took stage early while the crowd was still shuffling in and they started to put up a very energetic show with great and fun drinking songs being dominant in their repertoire.

Right before the band's short break, Rusty's was getting packed with the Thursday night revelers and the still music-craving crowd coming from the Twilight Dance Series that was just wrapping.

Seeing the loaded venue, The Bad Bad Things unleashed two full throttle dance songs back-to-back sending the legion of music lovers into frantic pogoing and light moshing.

And this in return led Kryss and Casey, the lovable vocal duo of the band, to join the crowd and dance with them.

Before it got too late, the photographer took off and ran back home to the little princess and her mother who were already asleep.... Fear of turning into a pumpkin did not affect the photographer's decision.

Next week, it's all about Rusty's Surf Ranch!

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