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Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Little Photoshop Magic

Due to a birthday weekend followed by a catch-up week, I only have a quick lazy blog for you.

A few years back, during the lovely times Hear Music used to rock my world along with the worlds of other music lovers in Los Angeles, a co-worker was obsessed with Reggaeton, and especially with the album of Luny Tunes & Tainy presentan Los Benjamins La Continuacion.

During a conversation, he asked me if there was anyway I could Photoshop him in onto the album's cover.

I studied the cover, brought my travel lights and took a few pictures I thought it could work. Got home and spend some time and came out with the following result.

This is the original cover:

And this is the result :o)
My friend was thrilled!

I would like to leave you with a fun, catchy tune from this album! Have a fantastic weekend!


  1. hahahaahaaa i love it! and i love reggaeton... and i love this song... and i love your blog... and i LOVED hearmusic as u well know! yaz :)