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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ace And Amir, Your Friendly Local House DJs...

If you are a house music fan like I am and if you are an Angelino or an Angelina who loves to support your local DJs, do yourself a favor and catch these two cool cats in action.

We decided to do a spontaneous shoot and started driving around and ended up in downtown Los Angeles... I really love to shoot there, and the following pics are the results of one fun day.

We finished the shoot by taking pictures around the almost inevitable Walt Disney Concert Hall...

Ace and Amir are blowing the roof off at Villa Sorisso in Pasadena as I write these words. I look forward to their next gig, hopefully I will be able to make it... Who knows, maybe I'll see you there ;o)


  1. Love Love Love that last shot with the reflections!

  2. Once again, fantastic work! I need to get out to LA in the Spring or Summer so we can chill and you can take some bomb-ass pictures of me! Peace.

  3. My sister had her wedding photo shoot at this location. Nice!!