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Thursday, April 8, 2010

New Lens

I ordered two lenses online and I was expecting them on Wednesday.
I had plans for the Wednesday evening, yet I waited for the UPS guy as much as I can, but he never showed up so I left home around 536pm.. I came home to find an email in my inbox informing me that he came in at 547pm.
So I was very determined to get my paws on these lenses today (Thursday) and UPS came in at 719pm.
Yes, I did look at my watch.
One of these lenses is a Nikon Nikkor 105mm, f2.8.
The moment this prime lens was in my hands, I was in heaven.
Photographers would understand the feeling, and kids get it usually at the candy store, you know.

I HAD to take some pictures using this lens, but any picture wouldn't do.

The pictures had to have a meaning.

Not only did they have to immortalize the day, but also accentuate the importance of this turning point in my career...

So I snapped the following shots.

I am back with fresh pics and I intend to continue that way :o)

Beaker from Muppet Show

Sweedish Chef from Muppet Show

1 comment:

  1. My favorite story to tell is that you once told me you would sit in LA traffic and have your little finger puppets talk to each other. To this day when in the car if I say "meep meep meep" to my boyfriend he goes "bork bork bork" :)