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Friday, April 30, 2010

California Poppy Reserve

Last week we took a day trip to Antelope Valley to see the California Poppy Reserve...
It was a blessing! Everyone should definitely get out of the city and discharge everything urban for a day or two every once in a while!
You can see the happiness on our faces.

After some time in the open and clean air, we were very hungry and we all wanted to find a place that was authentic, local and original... We were so lucky to find Crazy Otto's Diner on 20th street in Lancaster!
I'm not going to claim that the food is healthy, but it is delicious. The portions are RIDICULOUS. Most of us had the prime rib and eggs, which was very tasty. We didn't realize what we were getting into! You can share a plate with another person, and you would be totally full. Check it out and let me know what you think.


  1. ├Ânce selam, sonra congrats on the pictures!
    Love the one with both of you standing " in" the flowers, makes it shine here too:)

  2. Man, that fourth picture, entirely full of flowers, is spectacular. The depth and vibrancy is to die for. So jealous that you're finding amazing places to go so close to home.

  3. The first photo of you and Jennifer (fish eye lens) has a very nice 70s flower power "we are the world" feel-good vibe about it.

    Did you make it to nearby Shea's Castle? It's only about a mile or two from where you took this photo. The castle has been used for location for a couple of films and some tv shows. Maybe you guys can use for your next film. Let us know if you need directions.