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Friday, March 26, 2010

Inanimate Objects from a Movie Set

There is so much to shoot on a movie set.  There is really no "down time" for a photographer who is eager to work.  None of the following pictures were "set up" by me.  I saw them as I was passing near them.  All I did was to change my angle and click.

That's a great tip by the way... Change your angle.  For instance, stop taking pictures standing up.  It's that simple.  Let me know how it makes a difference.


  1. nice work! love the geezer/bokeh elvis shot!

  2. ditto, that one is my favorite! very rich and soft. the photo gives him character, personifies him, like he's actually dozing off. the photo of him feels very intimate, like it's taken with the same amount of care as if you were photographing a real person in that moment.