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Friday, March 12, 2010

Scenes from Los Angeles

Here are a few random shots I took driving around Los Angeles...
As I was driving on Lake Hollywood drive on a smoggy afternoon, the Hollywood Reservoi smiled at me. I really love that drive that takes you around the reservoir, passing underneath the hollywood Sign, you reach Beachwood Dr. When i have some free time coming back from a shoot, i usually take this long road. Not only there is no traffic, but it helps releasing the stress as well.
The following two pictures are not particularly quality photographs, but the first one made me laugh out loud.
And I had a double-take on the second one... There was no constructions or anything around. These two tubs were just on the grass by the curb... I would love to see what your subtitle would be for this picture... You can leave it in the comments section if you feel like it :D
Do you remember last week's cold windy days and phenomenal sunsets? I was coming back from work and I couldn't help but stop and take these pictures...

See you next week!

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