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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Big Sur

I was going to do a blog about Halloween...
I got so busy this week with a few gigs, i did not have the time to have a Halloween theme shoot (I did have some ideas, you know).
So I decided to share these lovely Big Sur moments with you!
It is one of our favorite spots for camping.

Enjoy and I always appreciate your comments!


  1. Actually the top one was in the Halloween spirit: dark and skeletal, a bit apocalyptic.
    Cool stuff as always.

  2. beautiful beautiful. I could see all of these photos as print lining the walls of someone's lucky home.

  3. Ahh Big Sur... We did not take our annual trip this year so these photos are much appreciated. Beautiful work as always

  4. Lights and shadows, the forms and the "fond" backgrounds are great..! Movements are readable through the static elements..
    Passionate Kerem, thank you.