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Friday, October 9, 2009


In July 2009, my wife Jennifer Fontaine co-produced and starred in a film she co-wrote. The film was shot in Iowa. In a future blog, I will share some of the production stills and behind the scenes pictures from the set of that film called Aaseamah's Journey.

Today, I wanted to share the ones I took when I was not "on the clock"... Although, a photographer is (or at least should be) always on the clock ;o)

The production rented us a house in Eldridge. A calm, small town 20mn from Davenport. When we first arrived, we were picked up at the airport and this water tower was the first thing I noticed exiting the freeway.

We had a late start on a Sunday and the following Monday it was our day off.  Right after the shoot that wrapped around 3:30am, we had some cocktails at the hotel where most of the crew were staying and I went  downstairs with my camera to capture the beautiful sky.  The following 5 pictures are from that morning.

On the corner of Brady and 14th in Davenport where we shot most of the principal photography, I spotted a church on our way to and from the sets.  On my day off, I drove to Davenport and took a few pictures of this lovely building.

Children's Forest and the Memorial for the County Master Gardener Paul Clark!

On an overcast day, in between takes involving the process trailer, I snapped the picture of this street sign that reminded me of the famous Dire Straits song.

Same day, I had a lot of waiting to do, so I got creative :o)

I will leave you with this one...  Next to the production's temporary HQ in Bettendorf, two curious and somewhat friendly fawns allowed me to approach them as much as I could.


  1. I don't remember it being THAT beautiful.

  2. Nice pics Kerem!!!!!!!!! I like the fawns and the flag wrapping around the pole.

  3. je suis le seul à t'écrire en Français????
    J'aime vraiment tes photos, les paysages font un peu réver. gros bisous.