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Thursday, November 12, 2009


After a week in hiatus due to the flu that literally knock me down, here I am back with the Friday Photography Blogs.
This week, I wanted to share a few of my pictures that are the pure result of my fascination with reflections... I don't know why, but I was always attracted to take the picture of something reflecting/reflected on something...
Here we go!

I took the one above years ago, sailing in the Aagean Sea between Turkey and Greece. The one that follows were also taken during the same trip.

Obviously the reflection does not have to be clear. The following was taken in a New Orleans cemetery. The reflection of my wife on a marble tombstone.

I photographed a script-reading for a feature film in the Renaisaance Hotel and in the penthouse the production has rented, right on top of the area where the actors were gathered, there was a metal sphere lamp. I zoomed in and snapped the first picture. The second one was a lucky break. The huge room on the roof of this hotel in Hollywood was very well lit due to the glass wall. One side of the crescent shaped room was windows from wall to wall and floor to ceiling. There was a piano by the window and Josh, who was there to record the reading played and sang a couple of songs after the reading. Josh always wears sunglasses. Always.

The following two photographs are from a shoot I had in a Beverly Hills estate. The first one is just a classic shot, but I had so much fun in the room I snapped the second one.

The Big Sur is back this week with the following reflection shots. The first one is me and Jen waiting for the water to boil in an extremely windy afternoon. The second one is the sunset on Jen's sunglasses and the third one may look like a set up, but it is not. My cousin and Jen are having a conversation and I am playing around.

My wife Jen and I on the set of the feature film Aaseanah's Journey in Iowa.

Still on the set of Aaseamah's Journey.

This one is from the set of 3 Wise Women. The actor is Alex Demir. He really is talented, and I really love his expression on this picture. In this scene his character is in his car and he is spying on a couple for his personal gain. While the scene was shooting, I was able to zoom in to the car's side rear-view mirror and took this one.

On the set of Stealth.

The reflection of my shirt, which is the Turkish flag on the glass of wine before dinner.

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  1. bu cok guzel olmus Kerem! Cok iyi ayarlamisin dusunce de sahane!


  2. These photos are so cool!!! Thanks for sharing :)