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Friday, January 9, 2015

Alyse & Jeffrey's Engagement

Towards the end of summer of 2012, I was contacted by a couple who lives in New York.  They wanted to me to shoot their engagement session and document their wedding.  Shira & Andy were originally from LA so they got married here.  I met their family, took care of paperwork and I had an amazing time shooting them in the rain for their engagement session.
Their wedding was even more fun!  Incredibly nice family and pleasant people all around, we had a terrific time.

During that wedding, Andy's brother caught the garter and his girlfriend caught the bouquet.

He caught the garter of his sister in law, she caught the bouquet.  They were already dating. What happened next?

I included their picture in the blog entry for Shira & Andy's wedding and wrote "I would love to see you guys soon too!"

Well, I just saw them a couple of months ago.  We were blessed with a lovely weather even for Southern California's ridiculously high standards and went to the same neighborhood where we shot Shira & Andy's engagement photos.  Alyse and Jeffrey's choices were a bit different than the other couple, which shows the incredible array of locations Palos Verdes has to offer to photographers and couples alike.

Many stories could be written by looking at the below photograph and Jeffrey's dreamy glaze towards his bride-to-be.  Only one would be true.

Who needs professional models when you have these two?

Jeffrey asked Alyse's hand in marriage, which she gladly approved and he put a ring on it.

A modern take on the ring shot

La Dolce Vita... May your life be as sweet as your characters!

Sharing some snack or a light meal at the beach with some wine.

That sweet moment before the kiss at sunset

Both Alyse and Jeffrey were as much fun as Jeffrey's brother Andy and his wife.  I just cannot wait until August when I will have the privilege to spend another day with these lovely people!

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