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Friday, August 15, 2014

Jennifer & Puya's Engagement Session

One of my favorite places to shoot engagement sessions is the Venice Canals.  I know that it is a ridiculously popular place among professional photographers to shoot couples as I always bump into one or few photographers with their clients.

And there is nothing wrong with sharing the wealth my people!

Venice Canals is one of the most romantic spots to shoot an Engagement Session in Los Angeles

There are endless possibilities of reflection shots, racked focus shots and much more.  This place fuels my creativity.  And of course, this gorgeous couple was game for new ideas as well!

Reflection shots and racked focus of an engaged couple at the Venice Canals

The other thing I love about Venice Canals, the beach and the Venice Pier are only a few minutes of leisurely stroll away.

Lovely couple in an Engagement Session at the Venice Beach

I look forward to spend a lovely day in September with this beautiful couple to document their wedding.

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