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Saturday, March 22, 2014

St. Patty Pub Crawl on Bike

Thanks to my sis and bro Jen and Joe's lovely organization,  I had a fantastic St. Patrick's Day this year.  We had a pub crawl on bike.  We drank, we biked and we had tons of fun!

These are the bars we hit: The Fox & Hounds, Stout, Laurel Tavern, Mexicali, Rocco's Tavern, The Oyster Bar, The Fifth, Tiki No, The Red Door, Timmy Nolan's

Also, these two were celebrating their wedding anniversary, that yours truly have shot.  Congratulations! :D

While this was far from being a Kerem Hanci Photography Brides & Grooms Reunion, here are the amazing organizers and planners of this fun-filled day, of whom coincidentally I've shot their wedding too:

My preferred beverage was black & tan throughout the day, except two occasions.  When I saw Weihenstephan Abbey on tap at Stout, I couldn't resist.  Having only tasted the bottled version of this delicious beer before, I dumped the B&T for a second and went with this liquid gold which comes from the oldest brewery on Earth.

Weihenstephan Abbey, Black & Tan

The second exception was Rocco's Irish Car Bomb...  Everyone had one.

And, yes, we were on bikes. 

Nadim trying to record the only left turn we had throughout the ride.

Joe and I captured by the masterful eye of Mr. Karl at The Fifth.

And the rest of the gang...

We had so much fun, I wish we had an edited video of that day set to rocking Irish music so you could see!


Did the organizers have thought of that by acquiring a GoPro with all the necessary accessories and editing the final product?!?

Why, you don't say! Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. ok...freakin' awesome video....great final song!!! miss you kerem!!!!