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Friday, January 17, 2014

Kathleen and Daryl

Kathleen and Daryl tied the knot in Newport Beach and we drove to Heisler Park for the formal portraits.  I am only sharing a few photographs to highlight a few of my obsessions that the regular readers of this blog are most probably familiar with.

I just love to open up the aperture fully in bright sun light.  While this diminishes the depth of field and provides a shallow focus, it also adds a dreamy character to the photograph.  In previous blogs, I have posted other pictures with shallow focus.  If you would like to revisit them, you can see a few personal ones here and a few professional ones here.  
Opening up the aperture in full in bright sunlight 

Another lovely obsession of mine is the reflections.  Here is the same shot with different focal points.

While hardly an obsession, the wide angle shots, when use properly, yield wonderful results.

Congratulations go to the lovely couple! Have a healthy, wealthy, happy life together!

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