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Saturday, December 7, 2013

16 Appetizing Pictures With Recipes!

As the part of last week's blog entry, this week's entry is all about food.  And of course about photography. KHP's ridiculously talented member Jennifer Fontaine is a true multitasker.  A wonderful wife, a marveloous mom and a talented cook; she has a fantastic blog of her own that I mentioned on the FPB series before.  Mommy Hiker is about being a mom and raising your child(ren) with an active and healthy lifestyle.

Every Thursday, it is Mommy Hiker Food Series where Jen is sharing delicious, healthy and relatively easy to cook/prepare meals.  After she prepares the food, she plates them and works on the photographs meticulously.  Well, here are the results with no particular order along with the links to the recipes under the pictures.

You're welcome.

A delicious take on one of the classic favorites.

A creative, healthy and tasty fall dish.

A festive dessert.

I just love quiche.  And this particular recipe is absolutely to die for!

A cold soup in a martini glass cherished with crostini? Sign me up!

I love seafood, and when it comes to seafood stew, I am really picky.  And I pick this one.

If you love Italian food, let me give you a secret:  the best Italian food is cooked at home.  My father's pasta and my wife's calzone (among her other Italian inspired dishes) are the proof.

Deliciously refreshing...

Whether you eat it hot or cold, this risotto will have you coming for more, isn't that right Secondo?

Now, this is serious territory here.  This is one of my favorite dishes.  My mom used to make this perfectly and Jen's is the best thing next to that.  Forget about the English name and call it Mücver.

A rustic dish in a rustic setting.

A Fontaine family recipe that Hanci family adopted with welcoming taste buds.

Oh.My.God.  Just buy some sourdough baguette (La Brea Bakery's would do just fine), make sure you have some wine, and drop all you plans for one evening this weekend and cook this.  Just do it.  You will not regret it.

A holiday tradition... A la Jen's grandma's style.

And yet another favorite dish of mine... This one is really hard to get it right (to my taste).  Jen always got the taste right, but she nailed it at her 3rd try and since then, I always look forward to the days she asks me to get some eggplant at the store.

Finishing it up with a recipe that is a perfect fit for Mommy Hiker Blog.  You can make this really easily and quickly and take it to any outdoor activities.  It is healthy and delicious and your kids will love it.

Try a few of these and let me know how you like them!

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